Technology Has A Culture Problem, Not a Man Problem

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This is a response to “Technology’s Man Problem,” an article printed in the April 5th edition of the New York Times by Claire Cain Miller.

Reading Miller’s recent article in the New York Times, one would think everyone working in the technology sector is White. One would also come to believe that men (read: all men) in tech are the bane of a woman working in tech. The characters in this plot are predictable: women are hapless and helpless, and men are aggressive predators.… Continue Reading...

Why I Opt Out Of TSA Body Scans At The Airport

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No one likes dealing with TSA at the airport. TSA screeners are seen as rude and uncaring; they are an obstacle to boarding your flight.  Travelers often share their TSA experiences on blogs, social media and travel forums.  For example, there are over 130,000 Google search results on the FlyerTalk forums about TSA.  Some passengers object to the body scans based on personal freedom or are uncomfortable with the invasive images generated by the TSA scanners.… Continue Reading...

2014 SXSW Talk: Building The Bridge To Equality With Allies

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Next week SXSW kicks off in Austin, TX with Interactive and film followed by SXSW Music. I’m honored to be speaking for the fifth year in a row.

I’m giving a talk titled, “Building The Bridge To Equality With Allies” and co-presenting with Dr. Kortney Ziegler — author, activist, creative artist and founder of Transhack.

This topic is especially close to my heart this year due to my experience last year of being targeted for a massive online harassment campaign by hate groups after speaking out about sexual harassment at a tech conference.  … Continue Reading...