Hello World. Today is My Birthday and I'm 31

My Tweet that it's my birthday and I'm 31

kath's vanilla cake!

10:34am CST
This is the first time I have told thousands (potentially millions) of people that it’s my birthday.  Having a winter birthday in a cold climate normally sucks but since I found out about Twitter, today is gonna be different!

Today is also the birthday of the following software apps:
37Signals’ Basecamp turns 5
Facebook turns 5

Update 5:14pm CST

Wow!  I came back from my meeting today and found a TON of well wishings on my Twitter and Facebook account!  Taking a deep breath, I’m going to try something different today…

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My Social Networking “Thank You” Process for Birthday Congratulations

I went through and personally thanked each person on Facebook.  On Twitter, I did a mass “Thank You” for open congratulations and sent specific thanks for Twitter direct messages.

all the well wishes on my birthday

“Getting Real” on the Internet

Yesterday, I did something out of the ordinary.  I filled out a “25 Things About Me” form that had become viral and was making the rounds on Facebook.  3 people I knew had “tagged” me in Facebook since this email requires you to, “25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you”.  I realized this was a perfect opportunity to reach out to people and allow for more transparency between my real and “internet” life.  The three people who tagged me knew me in real life so all the better to share!

One person has already tagged me back and I was blown away by the depth and scope of his list.  It was inspiring, reflective, funny and helped me to better understand him as a person.

I finally get social networking.

all the well wishes on my birthday

6 thoughts on “Hello World. Today is My Birthday and I'm 31

  1. Jowail

    Hi Adria, (I sent this to your email as well)

    I know today was your birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and all. I had some friends in the Twin City that I wanted you to meet. I told them about how Up-To-Date and Proliferating you are to talk too.

    Anyways, speaking of GPS and being Up-ToDate, they got lost (in their city), lol. So, I was wondering if you can help with directions. I had their GPS put on the site for you to see.

    Can you help? THANKS!


  2. noel

    mam happy birthday.. thanks for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.. stay young.. god bless you always..

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