I Won an iPhone 3G S! Thanks Blogging While Brown and ATT!

Folks! My new and shiny iPhone 3G S just arrived in the mail today!

I won the iPhone the day it came out (June 19th, 2009) at the Blogging While Brown conference in Chicago, IL! They had a drawing that Friday night which was sponsored by ATT.


About 40 people attended the welcome reception event. How did I end up winning? Well, besides my skills at folding contest entries, I attribute this stroke of luck to The Law of Attraction. The movie, “The Secret” explains how if you focus on something you want, the Universe will bring it to you. I first watched this movie in 2006 and it changed my life.


Ok, back to the day’s events that lead up to the win. I didn’t really ever like socializing in the past. May 2009 had been quite a social butterfly month for Adria here! With all the attention I’d received in March on the Norm Coleman database leak, I was trying to adjust to this more “social” lifestyle by going out and doing stuff vs sitting at my desk geeking out.

I left for the airport with plenty of time. I arrived into Chicago late that day due to delays from bad weather at O’Hare. I’d planned to be at my hotel by 2pm for a short nap but didn’t arrive until 5pm. I really wasn’t going to go to this reception/welcome thing thinking, “Why would I want to go talk with a bunch of people I don’t know and stand around feeling uncomfortable”? I realized that was the old me talking and I had a good reason to go. Meet new and interesting people like myself!

I tweeted I was getting ready to head over (a good thing to do to connect with folks attending the same conference) and dragged myself out of the hotel room. As soon as I got to the University Conference Center, there was this sort of “energy” I felt and went right up and started talking with people, learning their names, listening, talking and making jokes!

As we went in, there was a table with a drawing and signup sheet. I didn’t know what the drawing was for but you know how you just sign up because everyone else is? The gal behind me said, “Oh, I never win anything” and I told her if she said stuff like that, it would be true (The Law of Attraction). I filled out my slip and did my “special fold”; my mom said my dad used to win a lot of contests by folding up his entries in a certain way so they “popped” and rose to the top. I’d never actually seen my dad do this but have always folded entries in a way I imagined he would.

Anyway, I had a great time! I played in the spades tournament. Nyasha was my partner and we were cleaning up until…well…that’s for another post about our historic loss against Sean and Syleva!

It turned out the food was pretty good too!

As we were all chatting away, exchanging ideas and getting to know each other, they had the drawing. The first few people they called were either speakers or like Freddy O, the photographer…part of the conference so they weren’t eligible to win. Then they called my name! Yes! My name! I realized this was huge!

I got up, with my chair in hand and ran around the front of the conference area! I was soooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo excited I’d won that I wanted to make sure I was very clear about how this made me feel! I did a few 360’s, making sure to not hit anyone in the head and finally lifted the chair over my head! I had been planning to buy an iPhone 3G S based on @OhDoctah‘s advice to hold off and wait until June.

I was quite happy! It turns out they still needed to get the iPhone and send it to me. This turned into about 2 weeks of waiting :( The good news is that it just arrived today and I’m floating :) I would like to thank ATT and VOX for putting up an iPhone as a prize.

So folks, keep a positive note about what you want in life, focus on it and look for opportunities that can turn your goals into realities!

11 thoughts on “I Won an iPhone 3G S! Thanks Blogging While Brown and ATT!

  1. kisha

    Well well well, I am so happy that your phone came in the mail! it’s me, Kisha and I’m the one who said I never win anything. I must say that I need to adopt your positive thinking and folding skills for all future raffles i enter!

    but seriously, i am glad that you got your phone!! I will def be looking around your website for workshops and tips for blogging. it was so great to meet you at the BWB conference! take care and put that phone to good use!!!:-)

  2. Joel A Levy

    Way to overcome your own limiting beliefs and put yourself in a position to win something that was meaningful to you.

    You are proof that a person can attract to themselves the people, circumstances and things which align with their most powerful thoughts!

    This is your virtual HIGH FIVE, from a total stranger!

    And great job for celebrating with reckless abandon, so everyone could ‘see’ the joy you were feeling when your name was called. Going by the video, you have an awesome energy, and a great personality.

    See, sometimes good things do happen to nice people!

  3. Adria Richards Post author


    Thanks but I don’t know what you mean by “self limiting “beliefs”.

  4. Joel A Levy

    What I meant is beliefs that hold a person back from living up to their potential. You mentioned that you had not been very social, and that the old you had some negative self talk going on.

    Here is an example from what you wrote:

    “Why would I want to go talk with a bunch of people I don’t know and stand around feeling uncomfortable”?

    So instead of going on the self limiting belief that the above would define your experience, you chose a more empowering belief, which could be described in your own words:

    “Meet new and interesting people like myself!”

    That is what I call making the bolder choice, and I applaud you for that!


  5. Adria Richards Post author


    Ah! See, I didn’t view that as negative self talk. I seriously felt physically uncomfortable around large groups of people. I felt awkward and just hated small talk. I realized I could enjoy these sort of events by attending the ones that had a strong, core message. Also making sure people I knew (and liked) would be there has really made social events fun!

    Thanks for contributing!

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