What Do You Think Of The New Theme At ButYoureAGirl?


This has been a long time coming to change the theme. My blog turned one year old in May and was hoping to launch a belated birthday blog gift of a new theme…but…the person working on it is still…working on it.

New look for ButYoureAGirl.com

(I made this screenshot using Snagit from Techsmith)

So I decided to boldly head out and find something that will work for me functionally and visually. Both Robert Scoble and Brian Gardner have changed themes on a regular basis, providing blogging commentary about their decisions so I’m in good company.

Love it?
Hate it?
Let me know!

I did bring back the blogroll which has been missing since March or April. There simply wasn’t any more room on the right sidebar for it…until now!

One thought on “What Do You Think Of The New Theme At ButYoureAGirl?

  1. Elaine Luther


    I like it. It’s more professional than your old one.

    I would suggest though — the top heading area is a little lacking in personality — how ’bout your cartoon you or your actual photo up there?

    Of all your various sites, this one is the most “you,” so where are you?


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