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I was checking out Gina Trapani’s post about the Twitter attack and and noticed this little picture in the lower right corner that said,
I'm Sticking With Last Year's Model

Intrigued, I had to follow the link.

Turns out Anil Dash (@anildash) created the site to enourage people to not jump on the latest technology as it has many benefits including reducing the impact on the environment. I remember Lifehacker did a post a while back about saving money by buying one generation back technology and smiled because I agree!

When people are focused on consumption, it creates competition, stress and anxiety. Expecially with technology, people don’t take the time to know the nooks and crannies before they move on. It also creates financial pressure to keep up with the Jones’ which I find to be something we should get over sooner than later as it interferes with altruism. Much of our “stress” in modern society is created by artificial wants vs essential needs. The line becomes blurred and people end up feeling vaguely dissatisfied all the time but can’t put a finger to the cause.

Case in point, how many people out there still don’t know how to copy and paste using keyboard shortcuts and they’ve owned more than one computer in their lifetime?

Creative Commons License photo credit: daniel9d

I personally have a digital camera that I used all the way until this year, a Canon A70, that I bought in 2004. My multi-function printer, a Canon MP780 was purchased used on Ebay in 2006 and works great plus my non OEM ink from Abacus 24-7 costs me less than $3.00 per color.

How about you? What older technology are you keeping around because it works just find for your needs?

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