Blog Action Day: Save The World With A Refurbished Macbook Pro

Today is Blog Action Day. It’s where thousands of bloggers unite on a single day to write about a specific topic and this year it’s climate change!

I want to raise your awareness today on how easy it is to save the world.
You want a shiny new Macbook.
Buy a refurbished one from the Apple store.
Adria's Macbook Pro
I did and here’s why:

  • I like to save money
  • I like to save the environment
  • I eat my own dogfood (take my own advice)
  • I wanted to see the quality of a refurbished item from Apple

I just bought a 13″ Macbook Pro and rather than buying new, I went into Apple’s Refurbished section and ordered my new (new to me) laptop. I saved $200 and it shipped out fast!

Often, people are worried if they buy a refurbished item that it will have visible scratches or not work right.  I am here to say there was not a single scratch on the Macbook.  Companies will often reuse the guts of a computer by testing them and replacing the shell if there is any defect. 

Not only do you save money taking this route but the machines are fully eligible for the same warranty and you save the environment by not having the company build a new machine.  Computers are bad for the environment and the workers who build them because it takes a lot of toxic stuff to make them. Gina Trapani mentioned a website that supports people not rushing out to buy the latest and greatest but holding onto your gadgets and gizmo’s a little longer:

3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Save The World With A Refurbished Macbook Pro

  1. Tillman

    Hey Adria,

    I bought my last PowerBook G4 12' refurbished and saved $200 dollars. I have been wanting a new Mac for some time now and since I didn't see the type of deal I was wishing Apple would do on Black Friday I searched a little harder and found the Refurbished link on Apple's Website.

    Wow, I was shocked at what was available out there. So I waited to find what I wanted and two weeks later and after checking twice per day everyday I found it. I am saving over $400 dollars by buying a new MacBook Pro this way.

    Thanks for all you do,


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