Today is My 32nd Birthday! [VIDEO]

Today I celebrated another birthday and again, I didn’t celebrate it alone because I had Twitter and Facebook folks along for the ride! This year, I live tweeted my birthday!
I had a spa day at Juut, went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and reflected on the present moment.  Last year, I did a birthday blog post too but felt uncomfortable about it since I was still finding my voice on my blog.  Now I’m letting it all hang out!!!!

Adria’s 2010 Birthday Video on YouTube

My Day At Juut Spa

I did a few audio thoughts today as well right after my massage and facial.  Kelly did my massage and was beyond wonderful!  She had me pick out a set of aromatherapy oils before the session started and also did a mini consultation with me to find out what I wanted for the massage.
The Massage Room at Juut
Since I do yoga, I don’t have many aches and pains but did share my desire to relax and reflect on my future.  It was so easy to do!  I passed between active thoughts and sleep.  It was all very pleasant as I thought about my accomplishments of the past year and ran through various future situations I wanted to find myself in like my trip to London in June.  You should ask for Kelly when you go in for a massage at the Edina Juut *smile*

I choose Juut because I’ve been to the Minneapolis location in Uptown over the years for waxing, massage and hair styling.  They’ve always been professional, classy, clean and well managed.  They have all Aveda products in their stores and the tea is delicious!
Juut Edina

Blech Cheesecake Factory

I then went to lunch for the first time ever at The Cheesecake Factory.  I ordered the Georgia Peach drink and then Salmon with mashed potatoes.  I was not impressed with the food. I read reviews on Yelp and Chowhound first to figure out what people thought of it.  One person cited a menu offering everything from Asian infused dishes to Tex Mex and hamburgers to seafood couldn’t do everything well.  Another explained how the lack of quality was covered up with ridiculous portions. I agree with both statements.

The restaurant itself wasn’t great either; Noisy, silverware being clanked together by servers refreshing tables and my seat had food crumbs from the last customer when I was shown to my table.  Anyway, I ate my food at got out of there.

I will say that the Cheesecake factory did make me this nice ice cream, fudge thing as a happy birthday thing:
Happy Birthday Ice Cream at Cheesecake Factory
I do thank the folks on Twitter for the food suggestions but don’t think I’ll be visiting this place again anytime soon!

Fancytime Back at Juut

I then returned to Juut for an afternoon of face and feet.  Lori did my facial which was wonderful.  She was very knowledgeable on healthy eating habits.  Rock on!

Last, I stopped off to see Nicole for my pedicure.  Last time I had a pedicure was 2003 so I’m long overdue!  She was great and I picked out a funky blue chrome color for my toes because, hey, it’s my birthday!
So many choices

Twitter Folks

All the Twitter peeps who wished me a happy birthday rock!  If you didn’t, no worries, you still rock!  I feel so grateful to so many of these people that I’ve met IRL (In Real Life) and who I will probably meet soon at a conference this year!  Twitter has been a great way for me, as an introvert, to become more social face to face!  I’ve learned so much on Twitter as well!

Happy Birthday Adria 1 from Twitter

Happy Birthday Adria 2 from Twitter
Happy Birthday Adria 3 from Twitter
Happy Birthday Adria 4 from Twitter

I would like to say thank you to all you folks who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, Facebook, via email and phone calls!

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