Use iTunes To Convert iPhone Voice Memos From M4a to MP3 [VIDEO]

I’ve received a lot of questions from my previous blog post on converting and editing an iPhone voice memo.

How do I get the mp3 option to show up?

itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

Watch and Learn

Yes, it’s true. You can convert the .m4a files to .mp3.


Go to your preferences in iTunes to change your import options.
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone
General Tab and “Import Settings”
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

Change encoder choice to MP3
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

Then right click the file to convert it and you now have an mp3 version of your iPhone voice memo which you can edit in Audacity!
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

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54 thoughts on “Use iTunes To Convert iPhone Voice Memos From M4a to MP3 [VIDEO]

  1. Jeff

    this worked for me – option was not shown on the right-click menu until i closed itunes and started it back up

  2. alyson

    You are so awesome. Thank you so much. So often these things are so simple and watching my husband click away through the computer to solve my simple problems is so demeaning. I am woman hear me roar!

  3. jewels

    Awesome!! Thanks for the information. FYI, once converted to MP3, the MP3 version shows up on your computer hard drive. For me it was Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Voice Memos.

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