Use iTunes To Convert iPhone Voice Memos From M4a to MP3 [VIDEO]

I’ve received a lot of questions from my previous blog post on converting and editing an iPhone voice memo.

How do I get the mp3 option to show up?

itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

Watch and Learn

Yes, it’s true. You can convert the .m4a files to .mp3.


Go to your preferences in iTunes to change your import options.
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone
General Tab and “Import Settings”
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

Change encoder choice to MP3
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

Then right click the file to convert it and you now have an mp3 version of your iPhone voice memo which you can edit in Audacity!
itunes m4a conversion to mp3 for iphone

54 thoughts on “Use iTunes To Convert iPhone Voice Memos From M4a to MP3 [VIDEO]

  1. Jean-Guy


    I might be old, but your explanations were crystal clear. And I managed, thanks to you, to get around Apple's walls of desparation.

    Merci beaucoup.

  2. Abeiku0007

    my converted m4a to mp3 files dont show up in itunes or in the designated folder, help pleeeaasseeee

  3. Abeiku0007

    my converted m4a to mp3 files dont show up in itunes or in the designated folder, help pleeeaasseeee

  4. Scott

    Thanks for the tip…I too sing weird songs in my car, I actually have enough for an album! It is called YO SLOBES

  5. HELP!

    I did everything you said but when I click on advanced the ” convert to mp3″ option is grayed out! What do I do????

  6. Gvane09

    Thank you so much, I’ve spent countless hours trying to download a software to do that… your advice saved me big time!

  7. KB

    Thanks. Very straightforward explanation and pics. If only Apple website could’ve dealt with this in the same way – I did not find their instructions helpful.

  8. Bgswansonlocc

    How do you find the voice memos in itunes? I would email it to me but my voice memos are 45 minutes long.

  9. Jsharrison

    Hi I just converted to mp3 but can’t find it to put onto audacity any help please

  10. esherman

    Please help, I did exactly just as you told, but when I click “advanced” I see “Create MP3 version” But it’s grey which means I’m not able to use/click it!
    Also, when I right click my voice memo I don’t see Create MP3 Version anywhere.
    Please help!

  11. Jsharrison

    it is a voice m,emo that is 15 minutes long so axfered to i tunes then did the convert to mpg then lost it oh and then I need to x fer to audacity.

  12. Jenny

    It all makes sense and after I set it to mp3 I click OK. Then there’s the general tab, I was looking for an OK but there isn’t any so I exited it… So it didn’t save my changes I assume. There is no OK button?! -cries- I just download the newest I tunes but I don’t see why they would remove the button. So it doesn’t work for me :(

  13. Jdfkjsdgkjsdhgkjsgd

    Followed instructions but “convert to MP3″ option is greyed out (on voice memo). Could you please address this problem?

  14. Smithers

    You are Awesome! Just used my 5th Gen Nano to do voice recordings and was able to convert to MP3, used the sort by date idea you told us about to find where in the world the new recording was made (after I followed the instructions to convert to mp3 via the import button I could not find the conversion so I followed the posts to realign my music by date).  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the advice and reader posts. 

  15. Jenna

    I had this problem as well, but ‘enter’ did NOT work as a substitute for ‘ok’ for me.  Iphone 4S ?

  16. sarah

    I followed your instructions and the voice memo turns into a “MPEG audio file” and still wont burn onto a CD. Any help?

  17. Jstannard

    Thank you – tried a dozen web links and this was the only one that made sense and worked first time!

  18. Doug

    It might help if after people change the setting to MP3, you press OK in the dialog, shut down iTunes and then restart it. I know it didn’t work for me until I restarted iTunes.

  19. Doug

    Interesting though, that I can convert the file to MP3 but iTunes will not display it. I found it in the Voice Memos folder in my drive, but nothing in iTunes at all.

  20. Jeff

    this worked for me – option was not shown on the right-click menu until i closed itunes and started it back up

  21. alyson

    You are so awesome. Thank you so much. So often these things are so simple and watching my husband click away through the computer to solve my simple problems is so demeaning. I am woman hear me roar!

  22. jewels

    Awesome!! Thanks for the information. FYI, once converted to MP3, the MP3 version shows up on your computer hard drive. For me it was Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Voice Memos.

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