Facebook wants me to connect with my Skype contacts

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Signing into Facebook today *shudder*, I saw that I now have the opportunity to sell out to all my Skype contacts and hand over my known associations to Facebook for their massive data gathering plan.

Talk about six degrees of separation in a dark room!

Should I sign in and give Facebook access to query Skype?

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11 thoughts on “Facebook wants me to connect with my Skype contacts

  1. Wardell

    I would hold off, and then if I heard anything useful about it from others I might try it out. Call me paranoid but I’m a little cautious about giving sites more information than I think is needed or letting any single website/company turn into a central hub through which everything else is connected, that sort of schema would kind of defeat the original purpose of the web.

  2. S. Green

    I’m taking a break from Facebook. There are many unseen privacy issues that I need to think about and sort through. Overall I think FB is great but at times I think they move to fast. Just because one has the capability to do something doesn’t mean one should.

    I think when I reactivate my account I’ll more than likely take a minimalist approach and remove a lot of the information that I’ve made available.

  3. sunlight

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