Remembering Bluey My Dog

Today I lost a very good friend.  Her name was Bluey and she taught me three things:

  • Life is precious
  • Time is precious
  • Everyone has a lesson to share

Bluey was my dog and she changed my life.  She was with me for the last 8 years and today she died from congestive heart failure.  This post will serve as a tribute to her memory.

She passed away at approximately 3:20pm Saturday April 23rd, 2011.

You can read the other posts on her symptoms, the medications and I’ll do another post on how she died Saturday afternoon.  This post is to remember her for the amazing dog she was and how she changed lives, including mine.

There is something truly indescribeable about how a dog can make you feel.  As if you are the most special person in the world to them.  Every time they see you, it’s a reason to celebrate in their eyes.  I spent some time watching the SPCAi videos of Baghdad Pups where soldiers worked to arrange to bring home dogs they had befriended in Iraq and those stories illustrate the amazing bond between humans and dogs.

Important note: I’ve decided to tell the life of Bluey and myself through a series of photos I’ve taken over the last 8 years with Bluey because I had the amazing opportunity to see the Charlotte Salomon’s, “Life? or Theatre?” exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum on Friday and it blew my mind that a 20 something woman made a series of 1,300 images over one and a half years about her life and then ended up dying at Auschwitz a few years later.  One thing I’ve learned in losing Bluey is that time and life are precious and I will tell my story along with Bluey’s here.  Please enjoy.

The Facts

Nickname: Bluey
Birth: 5/10/1999
Birthplace: Texas
Died: 4/23/2011
Cause Of Death: Congestive Heart Failure
Weight: 4lbs
AKC Reg No.: TN91957202
Name: Regalaire’s Blue Jeans
Sex: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Color: Blue & Tan

Losing Bluey

Bluey died from congestive heart failure.  4 months after being diagnosed, she stopped breathing Saturday afternoon April 23rd, 2011.  I was there and petted her as she passed on although I initially panicked and tried to do CPR until I realized that I wouldn’t be bringing her back for anything that could be fixed.  Her heart was bad and dying quietly (I hoped she had been sleeping when it started) isn’t a bad way to go.

Her health went downhill quickly and during this last week, her eyes became dull and seemed to say, “Hey Mom, I’m tired”.  I could sense this time was different as well.  Her circulation was very bad with her tongue being blue nearly all the time, her limbs were cold and stiff and she wasn’t eating.

I made this video six days before Bluey passed away and had a chance to tell her how much she meant to me:

I loved Bluey so very much for all the love she showed me and the lessons I learned.  She helped me come out of my shell and certainly gave me a reason to get out of the house at least twice a day (with cats, you don’t have to leave home for potty breaks!) and that morphed into me eventually enjoying socializing with others.  Bless her little heart and I know she’ll be looking down from heaven.

Bluey: The Early Years

Bluey was born to a breeder who loved small dogs, especially Chihuahuas.  The line had good results in the show ring and the dogs were healthy, beautiful and had great temperaments.  Bluey was purchased by a breeder in Florida to pair up with one of her dogs.  Away she went to a new city, a new kennel and a new life.  Bluey was introduced to her new “romantic interest” but she didn’t end up with pups.  The breeder, feeling a bit frustrated by hopeful, kept Bluey around to try again but making little Bluey’s wasn’t in her future.  A friend of this breeder knew someone who wanted to give a small dog a good home (that was me!) so they reached out and offered to place Bluey as a pet with a spay contract.  The breeder agreed and Bluey was soon on her way to Chicago to meet her new owner.

Now back then, Bluey wasn’t such a looker.  She spent most of her time in a crate sort of staring at a wall in the kennel.  Her fur was thin and she was really shy.  Noises and people made her tremble.

This is a photo of Bluey from 2001 when she was just two years old:

and here again you’ll notice her fur being pretty scraggly:

Gizmo Look Alike

The first thing you noticed about Bluey were her big, furry ears.  She’s been compared to a Gizmo, a gentle Mogwai from the movie Gremlins, mistaken for a cat and several other dog breeds.

and I won’t deny there are similarities from this 2005 photo:

Bluey Comes Home

Now when Jen brought Bluey up to Chicago to meet, I had initially got this photo by email:

Now I had never heard of a “long haired” Chihuahua so I assumed that the dog on the right was the one Jen was talking about but noooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo, it was the strange looking thing on the left!  Gulp.  I agreed to take Bluey based on my friendship with Jen and trusted that Jen knew what she was doing, pairing us up.  This was my first dog and although I wasn’t sure of everything a dog owner needed to do, I was ready to take on the task.  She’d been moved to consider adopting an adult dog after meeting one of Jen’s rescues who went by the name of “Tongue-Tongue” because her tongue stuck out of her mouth.

Tongue-Tongue had been pulled from a puppy mill after several years of producing litters back to back and without proper medical care.  Unfortunately, her medical problems worsened and she had to be put down.  I looked for over 9 months trying to find another small poodle who needed a home when Jen suggested I consider a Chihuahua.  I didn’t very much care for Chihuahuas.  When I was little and still lived in New York City with my parents, some neighbors had moved out and left behind their Chihuahua.  My mom named the dog Vinnie.  Vinnie wasn’t very nice and would nip at people.  He also would hide under the bed and growl.  Again though, I put her faith in the friendship and Jen and I had.  She assured me if it didn’t work out, she would take Bluey back.

Bluey wasn’t sure what to think of this new place in Minnesota:

and neither was Adria’s cat, Turtle:

but…Bluey’s first couple of day’s were interesting and she slowly began to explore.

and run!

and roll!

This was turning out to be sorta fun after all and Bluey thought back to her life in the kennel…

“Hooray!”, Bluey seemed to say.  That first time out on grass was amazing.  Why hadn’t she done this before?  She continued to race and roll and chew on all the little, green blades until she was completely exhausted.  The sun felt good on her fur and she was happy.

Life was good.

I set about to researching dog ownership.  Just like with technology, I always wanted to find out the best practices and do things well.

It turned out Bluey was a bit behind for a 3 year old dog and didn’t know how to do a lot of “dog” things like:

  • Walk on a leash
  • Be 100% potty trained
  • Go up and down the stairs
  • Play with other dogs
  • Do tricks

It looked like I would have to start from scratch.  My goal of getting an adult dog was to give an animal a home, know their final temperament and have some of the doggy homework done for me.  Not the case with Bluey.  She trembled all the time and would freeze when she got scared.  She didn’t have a good appetite and seemed to of just lived in a crate or sat on someones lap, robbing her of the chance to execute independent thought.  I took it upon myself to train Bluey to think for herself and get master dog etiquette 101.

I experimented with different rewards and treats and found out Bluey loved bread!

So began the lifelong journey for both Bluey and Adria of helping Bluey become a dog and Adria a dog owner.

They studied together:

and practiced:

until they were both on the same page and built a relationship based on trust.  I made several videos of Bluey’s dog tricks.  This one is from 2010 after we moved to San Francisco:

Ruff Look Transformed

When I got Bluey, she wasn’t looking so hot.  After a vet visit and pulling a few teeth, I set to work to improve Bluey’s health and appearance.

By 2007, Bluey looked like a whole new dog going from this:

to this:

to this

and with some of this

and this

Bluey became this!

The boots in this photo were purchased in 2004 and Bluey had those same boots until she died.  They’re called Muttluks and were the kind given to the dogs who helped with the 9/11 rescue efforts.  They had leather bottoms, were lined on the inside and had reflective straps.

Bluey and Adria were both transforming.  As Adria aspired to help Bluey be happy, healthy and confident, those same values became more strongly reflected in Adria’s own life and her awareness of these parallels grew…and became more important to her.

This transformation for Bluey was made possible by incorportating the following schedule:

  • Giving Bluey structured training and reinforcement
  • Better quality dog food (switching from Nutro to Solid Gold)
  • Daily eye wiping with witch hazel
  • Weekly brushing
  • Monthly teeth cleaning
  • Giving Bluey a bath every 3 months
  • Learning to clip and groom a dog
  • Plus lots of love!

I would say she was 100% potty trained by 2008 meaning 1 or less accidents per year.  She was a small dog so at 4lbs, moving to a new place was confusing but she finally understood inside vs outside: cave vs potty.

Bluey Tags Along For Technology Consulting

I enjoyed Bluey’s company.  It was comforting to have Bluey around and she always wanted to snuggle and be near me.  In 2006, I quit “working for the man” and began consulting.  I decided I could no longer sell my soul and that I had a special message of technology empowerment to deliver AND that wasn’t going to happen working for someone else.  I finally realized people started companies so they could run them the way they wanted.  They didn’t want your advice on how to run their company.  It was time to start my own.  The entire time, Bluey wasn’t far away during this time of building, growth and discovery:

She would patiently wait for me to finish whatever I was doing and just look on with those big eyes without judgement.

Bluey Tags Along

While I also loved my cat, Turtle who I’ve had since I was 17 years old,  having a dog that you could take for a walk or for a ride in the car was something new!

Bluey would get sooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo excited when I would get ready to leave.  Here little tail would wag (Bluey’s, not Adria’s), and she would seem to say with her eyes, “Hey!  Take me along!  I want to come too!”.

At first, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring a dog on-site to visit a client, especially without asking first.  What if they had an allergy or hated dogs?  Eventually, Bluey’s uber cuteness and persistance won.

I would bring Bluey but leave her in the car (on moderate days!) with the windows cracked and check on her often.  If everything went well during the visit, I would ask if they liked dog and I would bring her in.  This was always a nice way to end a visit to a client!  Eventually, this turned into Bluey replacing the laptop and then coming along on initial visits for new client meetings!  Everyone just loved Bluey!  I soon realized if someone didn’t like Bluey, they probably wouldn’t be a good match for technology services.

Bluey and I lugged home big ole rack mount servers to troubleshoot

Some of the client work I did took Bluey and I to interesting places like data centers, The Ronald McDonald House, Starbucks and even Apple stores.

We went on site after hours to do backend network upgrades at the Apple store and it was sure nice leaving at 2:30am and having Bluey snuggled up in my lap as I drove home.

Yeah and I would goof off and pose Bluey with tech equipment!  Actually, the managers at 2 Apple stores said dogs are welcome it’s just usually that the stores are in malls that have restrictions about animals so if you’re going into a stand alone Apple store, bring yer dog along!

and we got even to meet real life wolves in Ely, MN!  Now even though Bluey and this wolf both look like statues, Bluey was barking up a storm this wolf was like, “huh?  Is that a snack?”

and Bluey was there every step of the way:


Traveling had always unsettled me with being in a new city and not knowing my way around.  Using a smartphone with built in GPS, Foursquare, Yelp app for the iPhone, Twitter and having Bluey along led to me not giving travel much of a second thought when before I would pore over travel itineraries, transportation routes and review the addresses of my hotel and the conference frequently.

I was going to move to San Francisco and leave Minneapolis.  I was born in NYC but my mom moved to the Twin Cities in 1984 when I was 6 years old and I’d lived there ever since.  With my new found confidence for traveling, I felt read to make a life change.  While this was quite a big deal for me, knowing I had Bluey there made all the difference.  In fact, I came across an article about how to take your dog with you when you traveled and I set to work on getting that taken care of so not only could I bring Bluey to San Francisco for the move, I could take her along when I traveled.

Finding a Place to Live In San Francisco

Now I had to make sure I could find a place to live that would allow me to bring my animals along.

I had Bluey and Turtle checked out by the vet.  Most airlines require a recent health screen from your vet.  Vaccinations are another story so check well before you fly!

All done!

How do you tell your dog you’re going to have to leave her behind while you find a place to live?

Goodbye Bluey!  I left for San Francisco April 13th, 2010 to find a place to live.  Bluey stayed with Jacque but I was able to take Turtle with me as my generous co-worker Kate who lived in Burlingame would cat-sit until I found a place.

Everywhere I went in San Francisco, people had dogs.  I was missing Bluey something fierce.

I was developing a case of serious dog envy…

Bluey Arrives in San Francisco!

I found a place within my 5 week window and made plans to reunite with Bluey!  I flew back in May.  That was May 8th, 2010.  Here’s Jacque Bona and Bluey at the Mall of America.  Since it was close to the airport, we hung out, talked and had a meal together.  Wow, it’s been a long, long time…I miss you Jacque.

The next day I didn’t want to waste any time so the first thing we do is spend time visiting the park together!

Here’s Bluey in South Park in early May 2010.  South Park is a big deal in the tech world because a ton of big name companies have started or currently operate from including Wired Magazine, PCWorld, MacWorld, Twitter, Technorati, MySpace, Xoom, Slideshare, GetSatisfaction, VideoEgg,  Engine Yard, Vertical Response, etc .

Since her birthday was May 11th, 1999 she would be just about 11 years old in this photo…

Later, we found this place closer to the water in SOMA near King Street and 4th thanks to directions from a nice stranger.

Dogs are welcome at Safeway so I brought Bluey along for a grocery trip.  I’d missed her so much in just one month!

I told Bluey and Turtle we were home…

Turtle was happy as well.

Bluey’s Transportation Options In SF

Bluey loved to travel.  I’d sold my car when I moved to San Francisco so our new modus operandi was the public transit system of San Francisco which included the BART and MUNI

Eventually I got up the nerve to try a Zipcar

and we did a lot of walking.  Sometimes Bluey was so tired I’d have to put her on top of whatever I was carrying.

But I’d usually have a bag to tote her around in

Sometimes we took the Caltrain south.  Mostly for tech events

and for airline travel, there were 2 or 3 choices since both the cat and dog needed a bag to come out to SF.

And traveled this little dog did!  I wasn’t sure how she would do on a plane until I returned to pick her up in Minnesota from my client and amazing friend Jacque.  Bluey did great!  She didn’t freak out and slept most of the time.  Eventually, it became no big deal to bring Bluey along and each time I traveled with her, I felt more confident and secure.

In 2010 Bluey visited:

  • New York City, NY – BlogHer
  • Birmingham, AL – Wordcamp Birmingham
  • Boulder, CO – Genome and Bio Banking Conference
  • Seattle, WA – Gnomedex
  • Miami, FL – Blogalicious
  • and Las Vegas, NV – Blogworld

and this year Bluey came with me to Austin, TX for SXSW even though I was fearful her condition would worsen, she was stable the entire time, much to my relief.   These were all for conferences I was speaking at or attending.  We like to joke since Bluey had a blog, and a Twitter account @blueythedog, that she’d been to more blogging conferences than most bloggers!

Flying Pretty

Blue in Miami

and with this photo, I just realized that Bluey had a damn good life!!!!!

Bluey in NYC

Things Bluey Loved

McDonalds – This is one of the few things that would actually make her whine!  Bluey last had MickyD’s was January 31st, 2011.  I checked the photo date for the photo where she’s in my lap with the bag so I hope she remembered the taste of the french fries and the cheeseburger she liked so much…

Being at the park (I was going to take her this weekend to Delores Park one last time…)



I’ll fill this section in more over time but I want to capture some of the more interesting, expressive and comical faces Bluey made

The, “I need that now!” Face - Usually you were eating something and she just had to have it.  This was also a face she made when she felt like she was in danger and wanted to be picked up.  Pretty rare face as she was mostly a quiet better and she had never been attacked by another dog (just that darn cat!)

Not Everything Was Unicorns And Candy Canes

Bluey was attacked by my friend’s cat and required several weeks of wearing a cast.  She came out just fine though thanks to the amazing vets at Midway Animal Hospital in St. Paul, MN!

Speaking of pets, Turtle the cat was a bit sad that I was gone so much or that Bluey would seemingly get more of the attention:

so she would snuggle up to my electronics to be close to me (or so goes my logic)

I made time for just me and Turtle.  I would get her catnip and toys and set aside special time for us:

Goof City

Sometimes I did silly things with Bluey because she would let me, unlike the cat.  One time I painted her toenails by carefully wrapping saran wrap around and then pulling just her doggy toenails through.  Not worth the effort folks!

and the hats

Hey!  I have a hat too!

the rubber chicken pose

Bluey the Gnome (A Minneapolis joke thing around the lakes)

and my roommate in San Francisco gave me crap for getting Bluey her first dress last year so I asked him what I should have her wear instead and that’s why you see Bluey in this Phillies Jersey!

Everyone Loved Bluey

Bluey was magnetic.  If she were even partially visible with her head peeking out, people would be drawn to her.  Pet her, scratch her, hold her.  People couldn’t get enough of Bluey.  And Bluey liked it as well for many years!  She would happily walk up to strangers when they clucked.  Coffee shops would welcome her.  Life was good.

Do you have a photo you took with Bluey?  email it to and I’ll post it.

Let’s Help Other Dogs

Talking with my friend Afrobella, she suggested that I put a call to action in this post asking my readers to help other animals get homes where they can be loved.  I have a soft spot for adult dogs because there’s always so much focus on puppies.

We were looking the SPCi which helped with the Baghdad pups and for me PetFinder came to mind because they list dogs who are currently at rescue shelters.

What do you guys and gals think?

What would be a good animal rescue place to endorse on Bluey’s behalf?


Bluey was an amazing dog.  She did so many things and had experiences that most people don’t even have.  I truly feel she was happy and enjoyed her life until  the end.  I am so grateful that God blessed me with Bluey because my life certainly was made better and I had opportunities put before me that just wouldn’t of come to be without her.  I didn’t expect to lose her so soon, especially not after moving to San Francisco which I felt was both a blessing and that I gave up everything I knew to come here.

This blog post is now almost 250 images and there’s certainly enough here for an entire book on the life of Bluey The Dog.  Wow.  I’d like a book about Bluey and how she inspired so many people and put smiles on the faces of friends and strangers of all ages.

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About Adria Richards

Adria Richards is a developer and entrepreneur focused on digital equality. She has worked in the tech industry since 1998 solving big problems for companies of all sizes. Embracing her inner nerd, Adria moved moved to San Francisco in 2010 to pursue her passion for technology. Previously she has worked in technical and training roles for enterprise, nonprofits and startups; from Apple to Zendesk. Adria is a popular speaker and gives talks about culture, communication and diversity. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, yoga and bacon; not necessarily at that order. Her Twitter account is followed by President @BarackObama.

27 thoughts on “Remembering Bluey My Dog

  1. Chris Bennington

    Hey Adria,

    It’s Chris Bennington. I lurk on your blog a little and noticed your posting about Bluey. Sorry to hear about your loss. I will always remember Bluey as the chill, little dog in your bag at Dunn Brothers. Fun!

    Thinking of you today and wishing you peace.


  2. adriarichards


    Thank you lady. Wow, waking up this morning and realizing I would never
    ever see Bluey again was hard. Really hard.

    I’m glad the girls got to meet Bluey though! Our time on earth is so

  3. adriarichards

    Hey Chris!

    It must of been the Google juice drawing you in because I used photos of
    you! How are ya?

    The timing was harsh with Bluey passing between Passover and Easter.
    *sigh*. She was a wonderful little dog and it was great to start off my
    consulting career by collaborating with you even if all clients were not the
    most ideal. I certainly learned quite a bit.

    Thank you.

  4. adriarichards

    Thanks so much. Yes, it was amazing and looking back at the photos, I
    realized just how amazing of a journey it was with Bluey. I’m grateful she
    became my dog and we had adventures together that I’ll always remember :/

  5. Dr. Goddess

    Adria, this was such a beautiful post. I enjoyed taking the journey with you and Bluey and learning about your lives together. The way you demonstrated your parallel growth and healing as superb and I am delighted that I not only got a chance to meet and fall in love with Bluey at Blogalicious but I was able to room with her at SXSW as well. RIP Bluey, you certainly lived a good life. Talk to us from Doggie Heaven. Tweet, even! We know it’ll be you! LOL. xoxo

  6. Betsy Weber

    Adria – Such a beautiful tribute for a great dog. You have Bluey a wonderful life and vice-versa. I’m honored I had a chance to meet her at Gnomedex…

    Don’t know what to say other than sorry and thinking of you…


  7. Anonymous

    Bluey chihuahua
    serene among the bustling
    hip coffee shop dog

    (my memory of her when meeting you once in a coffee shop before I moved to San Francisco)

    Thanks for sharing Bluey with the rest of the world. I’m sorry to hear that she’s gone now.


  8. Robin

    Oh Adria,

    I am so sorry that Bluey is gone. She was such a sweety (she takes after you, I think) and a great companion for you. I know how hard it is to lose your closest pal – been through it. Virtual hugs from me to you.
    I’ll give Franny, my cockapoo a scratch in Blue’s memory.

  9. Valley Pickren

    How sweet, Bluey was truly loved by everyone who came in contact with her. She will always be your guardian angel watching over you. R.I.P Bluey.

  10. JacqueBona


    What a beautiful tribute to Bluey, your life together and the lives you both touched. I feel so fortunate to have cared for and loved her. Everyone in my family was so sad when I told them and we all shared good memories of her together. We should all hope to be remembered so fondly.


  11. weblog

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the pain well. Be proud that you gave Bluey a great life.

  12. Mary Ann

    So sorry to hear of your loss but so nice to read about the wonderful time you had with Bluey, a special dog. God bless.

  13. Kellymich

    Adria, I am so sorry to hear about Bluey. My hear goes out to you, I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. Your tribute is beautiful!

  14. Shari Smothers

    Hi Adria. I’m so sorry for your loss. This is really a beautiful tribute you put together for Bluey. I’m glad you have so many great memories, pictures and videos to keep you as you go through this difficult time.

    Take care,

  15. jacklinfernandis

    Wow ! it is a good photographs of bluey. She looks so cute and innocent. It is such a memorable pics of Bluey. Dog is so intelligent animal. They really helpful for change our life.

    online casino

  16. Queenie_85

    Hello Adria, My 13 year old Yorkshire terrier has CHF, I was told by the vet yesterday that he only has days left, his breathing is laboured x I just want to know was Bluey in pain I’m worried that I am letting him suffer x x

    Many Thanks
    Jenna x

  17. Chas Boyle

    Hi Adria, I found your blog while seeking respite from my own pain as I also have a friend that I love with a health problem. Her name is Abby; she is a beautiful all white Maltipoo and has been my nearly constant companion for over 12 years. I grew up with all kinds of dogs and Abby is the best dog that I have ever had, super intelligent and so well trained.
    I originally did not want to get a dog. My wife and youngest daughter wanted a dog, but I didn’t want the added responsibility, so I said I won’t stop you but that I did not want a dog. We got Abby anyway and wouldn’t you know the first thing she did was attach herself to me. I have a friend and companion in her for life. I never thought of how long Abby would live, I assumed it would be a long time the same with my wife of 29 years. My wife died of breast cancer November 2009.
    I didn’t want another dog as I grow too attached to them as they grow too attached to me. Abby was diagnosed with severe congested heart failure about 4 months ago. Today’s medicines give her about 6 to 12 months to live. I cannot put her down but I do not want her to be in any pain.
    She is always so excited to see me when I come home from work and last night see fainted and as I tried to comfort her she cried out like she was in an incredible amount of pain. I thought she was going to die in my arms. But 5 minutes later she is completely back to normal and we even went for a short walk.
    I believe I feel your pain and am sorry that you have to experience it with your companion. Life itself brings us so much pain and pets help offset that pain by bringing us an incredible amount of joy but there is so much pain when their lifespan is nearing its end.
    I won’t be getting another dog or other pet. The pain that I feel when they die overrides the joy that I get when they are by my side – that is how bad the pain is in my heart.
    Wishing you all the best…

  18. Lisa Marie Miranda

    I came across your blog about Bluey while looking up signs of heart failure. I just lost my 11 year old red/white border collie, Abbee on 11-11-12, so, still very fresh. She was our first family pet, I’d had other dogs growing up. This was the first I’d had from birth to death. My “doodle butt” as I called her, died of congestive heart failure as well. Same symptoms, minus the fainting though. She looked healthly and would perk up when her sister (my 6 year old blue merle border collie, from same mom) Shasta would want to play. Three weeks ago I noticed a big decline in her weight. Then noticed the shallow, rapid breathing. Occasionally she would cough/gag and I listened to her chest and could hear wheezing. It was so sudden, nothing could be done. From when I first noticed anything, she had passed three weeks later. It hits HEAVY on me with guilt because I was not here when she died. She was in her crate … which I call her apartment because it so big. She loved to be in there, even when we were home, it was her ‘safe’ place. I just wish I could have comforted her during her last breaths and let her know how much she was loved and cared about. This is where my guilt takes me each time I feel a sense of calm, that she was ready to go and was in a comfortable spot. Still, I should have been here. I was gone for 2.5 hrs, that’s it. *sigh* So, now my focus is on her sister, Shasta … who goes to each room looking to see if she can find Abbee. Makes the heart very heavy. She knows she’s gone, she even gave her one last ‘kiss’ on the nose before I removed her from her crate. Who says dogs have no emotion?! I just wanted to thank you for your blog and for sharing your story of Bluey. ♥Lisamarie

  19. sandy dee

    Sad news.
    I don’t think I’m going to have my little pupper much longer .Went to vet today to get more meds & did not expect the news .
    She said no more meds. Please put him to sleep.. His tounge is purple because hes getting no air ..He is still getting a little through his lungs but not much.. If we leave him he may have a terrible dead where he cant breath any more
    . Its only a coupleof days until christmas & i just couldnt do it Bought him home & its almost like he knows because hes playing & eating & running around. He cant get his breath .Hes like Bluey. And also on 4 meds a lot the same of some folks here. Its so sad I know I wont have him much longer He sounds terrible we have 2 dogs the same age & the other one is fine.. Pupper is a rescued mutt & i wont leave him alone now for even a min I hope he goes quitely in his sleep BUT I think he may suffer & i will have to make a Decision To all the folks here who have lost a pet. We know what you are going through. If i can get a link I will put it here .This is my love a few hours after vet told us put him down
    I also cant sleep at night because I too wake up to see if he is alive I also lost my daughter to breast cancer last year

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  22. Sandy

    Just thought I’d revisit. I came into your vlogs when Bluey started her BP meds. I miss Bluey. Nice post for Bluey.

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