NewME Accelerator To Mentor 13 Tech Startups In Silicon Valley This Summer

Coming to the Silicon Valley this week will be the NewMe Accelerator.  Featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New Me Accelerator is the brainchild of Angela Benton and Wayne Sutton with the goal being to identify, support and nurture promising new tech startups.

Tech startups that happen to be founded by Brown people!
(See my note at the bottom for alternative naming conventions)

Thirteen startups made it through the application and review process and will now begin to arrive in Mountain View for a fast-paced, intense and unique opportunity to turn their ideas into a working reality!

What is the NewMe Accelerator?

This summer, a unique technology incubator is coming to your neighborhood.

Here’s a summary from the NewMe site:

What is the NewME Accelerator? Simple.

We are an accelerator for minority led start-ups that will house a handful of visiting start-ups during the summer of 2011 in Silicon Valley.

We are working with Semantic Seed to produce the accelerator this summer and are happy to also include many of our local friends/start-ups from the Bay Area community.

The specifics are: 8 in-house visiting minority founded start-ups (5 selected + 3 community voted), Top local minority founded start-ups invited to events and dinners, Private weekly dinners with industry elite, Mentorship from Internet elite, Co-working environment for start-ups, Concludes w/ Demo Day.

Who’s Participating

Photo: Curtis Pope, Founder of Aislefinder

Thirteen startups.

Eight startups from other states and five local startups participating.  I know people from several of these companies including GoKit, TriOut,, Qykno and Aislefinder so I’m thrilled for their amazing opportunity!

Cued is a mobile app in stealth that will change the way you experience location.
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

gokit allows you to instantly create an online identity kit to tell your story. Beautifully.
Hometown: Detroit, MI

TriOut builds mobile community applications for businesses, bloggers, conferences and educational institutions.
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Kloudco explore your emails, tweets, documents, contacts, appointments and in a powerful new way.
Hometown: NY, NY

Pencil You In allows you to book hair and beauty appointments online.
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

BeCouply is a mobile and web app that solves real problems for couples by helping them discover new date ideas and capture special moments.
Hometown: Washington, DC

Playd is Foursquare for gamers. See what your friends are playing on everything from Xbox to mobile.
Hometown: Montclair, NJ

Fetchmob allows people to buy what they need without shopping for it.
Hometown: Stoughton, MA

Mosion is a mobile relationship discovery service that uses location-based technology to suggest you to people and places around you that matches your interest.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA is one central place to let companies promote themselves online and on mobile.
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

AisleFinder is a website, that enables shoppers to quickly and efficiently find the items they want to buy within grocery stores.
Hometown: Milpitas, CA

Qyno is a “Careerspotting 4 Kids” platform that inspires them to be socially mobile by discovering and playing their career interests.
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Plus +1 super secret stealth start-up to be revealed later on!

Who’s Mentoring and Speaking?

There’s an exciting and extensive  list of founders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and celebrities ready to share their knowledge and strategies including:

Check out the list of mentors and speakers on the site.

Who’s Supporting It?

The organizers of this accelerator have pulled together an amazing list of partners to get this project going including Google and Pepsico, a variety of startups like Justin.TV and Tagged plus VC, media and law firms including SyncomKapor CapitalInteractive OneGunderson Dettmer, Bronze Investments

How You Can Help

Share the story. Tell others about the NewMe Accelerator.   Write out your thoughts in a blog post and link to their site.

Connect. Follow them on Twitter.  Like them on Facebook.  Check out their company profile on Techcrunch’s Crunchbase.

Partnerships. If you are an organization, entrepreneur or company interested in fueling the growth and success


I’m excited to see this project taking off because Angela and Wayne are both entrepreneurs and very active in the startup world already.  I consider them good friends and support their efforts.  Although I didn’t apply to this program with my startup, UseYourDeals, I will be keeping an eye on the progress of the NewMe Accelerator and stopping in with the occasional pizza to find out what’s new!

Say goodbye to paper clutter!

NOTE: Now, if you’re read my blog or met met in person, you know I prefer to use the term “Brown” when referring to “people of color”, “minorities”, Black, African-American, Indian, Native American, Hawaiian, Cuban, South American, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan, Mediterranean and everyone in between as a way to be inclusive.  Since the term “minority” will cease to be accurate about people with shade to their skin according to the Census by or before 2050,  I refer to the racial makeup of participants in the NewMe Accelerator program as Brown.

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