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Manage Employee Perks and Rewards With BetterWorks: TechCrunch Disrupt Interview

Covering companies, startups and attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt this week with Geekazine, I interviewed Paige Craig, CEO and Founder of BetterWorks whose aim is to make it easy for companies to provide hyper local and relevant rewards to employees.

BetterWorks was started late last year to fill a growing need to administer employee perk programs.  They’re focusing on the small and medium business market because companies of this size often lack the technology and staff resources to create employee reward programs that staff find relevant.  Often small companies will sign staff for a “perk” only to find at the end of the year it’s gone unused and unappreciated.

Betterworks does all the heavy lifting to find local vendors, negotiate discounts and wrap it up into an easy to use web-based portal for company employees to use.  They can sign in to a custom url and select the perks that fit them best including climbing walls, coffee, Subway sandwiches and more.

Customers include Nokia, Klout, FormSpring, Hulu, gettyimages, Disqus and many more.

Why should companies care about rewarding employees you ask?  According to a study by Jo Ann Abe, a professor at Southern Connecticut State because there is a connection between emotional intelligence and learning on the job.  Happy people are more receptive to new information which is a large component of small companies growing quickly.

Started in LA but now serving companies  in San Francisco, BetterWorks has plans to continue expansion into new markets including New York.  BetterWorks raised a healthy round of series A funding earlier this year.

I also met George Ishii, CPO and co-founder on Day 3 of TechCrunch Disrupt.  We talked about the the planning and ideas that went into the branding of BetterWorks to clearly convey their purpose and message.

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