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Men Watch My Technology Videos

Men watch my videos.  That’s right.  My highest performing demographic for the YouTube videos I create are men between the ages 35 -54.  In fact, 72% of viewers of my YouTube videos are male.

Since technology is still primarily a male dominated field and that is the topic I focus on for most of my content, it’s not surprising to see this.  I like to take take it a step further and say that decision makers watch my videos.  How do I know this?  Because my online social content has attracted many of my clients.  They see my work, they feel they can relate to it and I understand their problems.

I was recently asked by a company about my demographics.  When you’re talking with companies about opportunities and campaigns, they want to see social proof.  Are they people they need to reach paying attention to your content?  Social Proof as defined by Wikipedia is “informational social influence” upon a person’s actions or decisions.  While there are many “social media experts” and “digital strategists” running around saying they can turn the tides on buying decisions, in the end, real people want real solutions to their problems.

That’s what I provide via my video content.  I focus on business technology because for the last six years, I’ve been a consultant helping companies make decisions about technology.  I’ve also implemented a lot of that technology for the same companies.

While I have made videos about other topics that address other areas of my life including dating, curly hair and even menstrual cramps, I always come back to what I’m most passionate about: helping people feel good about technology.

Now am I saying that the women who watch my videos are only watching the non-technology ones?  No, not at all.  In fact, since moving to San Francisco, I’ve met more women in technology in one year than I met in my entire life living in Minneapolis.  And I mean seriously amazing, smart, creative, hard working, brilliant women doing big things.  I simply want to point out that I do create videos that are about my life, my interests and my problems I struggle with and some of those have to do with me being female.

In fact, this sort of combination of lifestyle and technology content has landed me gigs.  The lawyer in Maryland who invited me to speak about technology tools for faith based organizations saw one of my hair videos and then on the sidebar saw my technology videos.  She could relate and reached out so her conference audience could gain knowledge.

One video I really like is the one I did about the travel planning website, hipmunk:

When I create video content I do three things:

  • Focus on topics people are interested in
  • Speak from the heart
  • Share my experience

This keeps my content authentic, genuine and to the point (well, most of the time, I do have a few rambling videos!).

So keep in mind it’s not always about how many Twitter followers you have, how many blog posts you’ve written or name dropping when you meet someone; it’s about delivering value.

That said, one thing I’m looking to do in 2012 is to improve the production quality of my videos.  For me this means lighting, transitions and tent poling around events like holidays, news stories and events.

Interested in working with me as an evangelist, consultant or influencer on your next project?  View my videos, read more about me and reach out via my contact page.

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About Adria Richards

Adria Richards is a developer and entrepreneur focused on digital equality. She has worked in the tech industry since 1998 solving big problems for companies of all sizes. Embracing her inner nerd, Adria moved moved to San Francisco in 2010 to pursue her passion for technology. Previously she has worked in technical and training roles for enterprise, nonprofits and startups; from Apple to Zendesk. Adria is a popular speaker and gives talks about culture, communication and diversity. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, yoga and bacon; not necessarily at that order. Her Twitter account is followed by President @BarackObama.

3 thoughts on “Men Watch My Technology Videos

  1. Dave Doolin

    That’s hilarious! According to Alexa, my demographic is “women between 45 and 54 with some college who work from home.”

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.

  2. Kaloyan Banev

    I think it isn’t very strange, I manager 3 tech channels on Youtube, one is mine and until recently the stats was 90-10, respectively men and women. Actually in the past I have worked for a fashion related website the stats was nearly the same which was a surprise. 

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