SXSW Panels I’m Attending This Year

I’m at SXSW again this year and I feel grateful, excited and ready for it!  Today was the first day (Friday) and as always, I arrived early so I could get settled in.  Good thing I did since my macbook is on the fritz again with it’s yearly hiccup over the hdd cable.  I also made a run to Whole Foods and to pick up shampoo for my friend KamKam.  All my roommates arrived by Thursday night and we finally went to sleep by 3am after a ton of laughing, eating and catching up.

Already went to two panels – the NewMe CNN Black In America panel with Hajj, Wayne, Hank, Jason and Solidad O’Brian.  Next up was my good friend Kim “Dr. Goddess” Ellis explaining the social phenomenon of Black Twitter.

Saturday morning I’m attending Cat’s panel on Technology Superwomen then seeing the Black Founders group talk about paying it forward with entrepreneurship.  That panel will include Chris, Nnena, Monique and Hadiyah.

My panel is on Monday – Race: Know When To Hold It and Know When To Fold It at Tech Conferences and I have a superstar lineup with Anjuan Simmons, Corvida Raven, Scott Hanelseman and Latoya Peterson.

More soon from SXSW!