I’m Speaking At The Lean Startup Conference: Why Every Startup Employee Should Learn To Code

I’m excited to share that I will be presenting at the Lean Startup Conference here in San Francisco!  Eric Ries is well known as the author of The Lean Startup, a book and now a movement on how to run a lean company, learn what works and deliver what customers want.  It isn’t only for startup though and many companies have taken Eric’s advice to heart to transform their business and careers.

I will be giving an Ignite talk titled, Why Every Startup Employee Should Learn to Code, and will share examples and strategies that have worked from people learning to program, including myself.  This year I’ve seen people learning everything from Ruby on Rails and mobile development for iOS and Android to building interactive experiences with augmented reality  and predictive engines for discovery of local places to shop.  I will take people through  the mindset of someone new to programming, how the human mind learns new things, which programming languages are most popular and how you can get started learning to code.

In the talk, I will emphasize the importance of knowing your learning style according to VARK which stands for Visual, Aural, Reading and Kinesthetic.  You can find your learning style by answering a few questions using this online quiz.  I came across this resource and others a few years ago when I began teaching technology courses and would have the attendees take it before getting started.  It provided useful insight on how to present the course materials I’d created and ensure high engagement and retention of the content.

Did you know that Pablo Picasso was a lean entrepreneur?  During his “Blue Period” using a single color of paint saved money before he became famous and well known.  Very similar to today’s Silicon Valley startups on a ramen budget sleeping on futons.

Finally I will explore how employees who gain new skills for work like programming are more valuable because their cross functional experience overlaps multiple teams increasing their ability to directly contribute to the company’s bottom line.

The Lean Startup Conference Ignite event on Sunday is sold out but there are still tickets available for The Lean Startup Conference which is Monday and Tuesday.  Their Twitter handle is @leanstartup and hashtag is the same #leanstartup.

They will be live streaming the conference to over 200 locations that have signed up to be viewing hosts and I’ve included a list below:

United States


You can find the full list of Lean Startup Conference live stream locations viewing parties on the site.  Most are completely free but some are charging.

Again, I’m excited about this opportunity to present and enrich the lives of others on an especially important topic.  I’ll be at the conference so please do find me and say hello!

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