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Women Building Careers With Code – My Talk At TEDx BayArea Global Women Entrepreneurs

TEDX BayArea Global Women Entrepreneurs

Excited to share I will be giving a talk at TEDx BayArea Global Women Entrepreneur event on Saturday!

My Talk: Women Building Careers With Code

Summary: I will share the stories of three women who have changed from careers in finance, education and economics to development and programming.  We’ll look at how society has valued individuals with the ability to create.  I will highlight contributions made by different countries such as the technique of extracting Tyrian purple from sea snails, the process for creating parchment from animal skins and the Gutenberg printing press which made literacy accessible.  I’ll round up with obstacles new programmers face in getting started and wrap up with actionable items.

Here is my speaker profile on the site:

Here’s a summary of the event from their website:

On December 1st, 2012, TEDxBayArea will convene our third annual Global Women Entrepreneurs event at LinkedIn headquarters to celebrate women leaders around the world. Speakers come from diverse backgrounds in the Bay Area and beyond, spanning half way across the globe. Our goal is to highlight a broad spectrum of ideas, thought leadership and business models, addressing a select Silicon Valley audience, while providing an engaging day full of presentations, entertainment and conversation in the renowned TED style.

I was already registered to attend and received a last minute invitation to present this week.  I heard there will be a livestream so I will post the link here and on Twitter once I get it.  I’m for it and excited to get others inspired and thinking about their careers and life passions!

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