Plancast Joins Pinterest: How Social Networks Can Leverage Existing Relationships Of Relevance

A bit confusing to see one social network join another.

A bit confusing to see one social network join another Screenshot 2 23 13 11 35 PM

There should be a tool in place to help these notifications be more graceful and suggest to Pinterest users the value of following the other social network account on their Pinterest service.  They could take it one step further and brainstorm with the other social network to create initial boards and pins to attract users.  Here are two I thought of relevant to my life:

Hi Adria!

You follow Plancast on Twitter.  They allow people to share upcoming events and conferences they’ll be at.  Imagine being able to see a sneak peek and behind the scenes shots at Fashion Week and highlights from the events your friends are attending like Maker Faire.  Let us know what ideas you have! 

Yep, Fashion Week is on Pinterest

Fasionweek Screenshot 2 23 13 11 57 PM

and Maker Faire is on Pinterest too

Make Magazine Screenshot 2 24 13 12 00 AM

Especially if I’m not a frequent Pinterest user (which I’m not), this would be a great call to action to engage me in content that I’m likely to care about.

How would you build this tool?  Well, start by qualifying the Twitter account notifications to Pinterest users.  Let’s say I want to flag Twitter accounts that have the following:

  • More than 10,000 followers
  • Is a verified Twitter account
  • Has a specific username

This information is available via Twitter’s API with the Twitter user platform object fields being:

  • followers_count
  • verified
  • screen_name

and here is Plancast’s Twitter account interpreted via JSON

JON Plancast Screenshot 2 24 13 12 29 AM

Then push these to a holding area for manual review by the marketing team to validate, see if it’s a good opportunity to co-brand the announcement and if not, release it back to the main holding tank.  This could be extended even further to then notify Pinterest users based on their influence and frequency of participation.  And on,  and on.

See, that wasn’t hard, was it?

In time, teams at the social networks will work together to deliver communications that take into account the entire user experience and really leverage your existing trust and relationships with other networks.

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