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My 2014 birthday blog post

…this is a placeholder.  To hold onto tradition and break the silence on my blog.

For the last five years I’ve done a blog post to celebrate and appreciate another year of life.  I’ve done special things  on my birthday like going to the spa to relax, having dinner with friends and doing things I enjoy like snowboarding, coding and reading a book.

This year was different because of what happened after PyCon last year with the threats and harassment.  … Continue Reading...

Success Against The Odds: Filling My Technology Knapsack From Scratch

backpack ledgeI am the first woman on my mother’s side to drive a car.

I can drive stick shift too.

Sometimes when people look at me, it feels like they are seeing someone else.  I’m going to share my story of success in technology despite having an upside down childhood.  I was inspired after reading Danilo’s post about unpacking his Hispanic knapsack of privilege.

There’s been a lot of controversy with Jason and Anil arguing on Twitter about Jamelle’s article on how hard it is to become a Black tech journalist but there is more to it than that.… Continue Reading...

Interview with Ramit Sethi and Adria Richards on Dream Job Course

Becoming An Effective Communicator; Lessons Learned From My Interview With Ramit Sethi

Wednesday morning I was interviewed by Ramit Sethi about becoming a more effective communicator.  This broke down into two camps: Introductions and talking in a  group.  We met at a local studio here in San Francisco for the interview and I’m happy to say that I walked away with a lot of valuable information and actionable items!

Like many people, I’ve done a lot of things in my life so when I meet someone new, I think about what to share.  … Continue Reading...