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My Experience Working With Venafi At The RSA Conference

Last week I had the the opportunity to work with a Venafi, a high tech security company at the RSA Conference.  I helped them promote and raise brand awareness with conference attendees and I had a fabulous time doing it!

I co-hosted a Jeopardy style game show booth with Venafi’s senior sales engineer, Chris Neely, from the UK.  We led an audience of 25-30 people through Jeopardy questions on the management of enterprise keys and certificates (EKCM), giving away Kindle Fires to the winners of each session.  … Continue Reading...

adriarichards-youtube-demographtics-5years-1-3-2012 5-26-34 PM

Men Watch My Technology Videos

Men watch my videos.  That’s right.  My highest performing demographic for the YouTube videos I create are men between the ages 35 -54.  In fact, 72% of viewers of my YouTube videos are male.

Since technology is still primarily a male dominated field and that is the topic I focus on for most of my content, it’s not surprising to see this.  I like to take take it a step further and say that decision makers watch my videos.  … Continue Reading...


I’m Applying For A Job At Google

I applied to work at Google!  The opportunity, Google Developer Advocate, is a perfect fit for me!

Now, an opportunity that I can’t pass up has come to my attention.

Why Google, Why Now?

Here I am in December 2002 sporting my Google tank top.  Back then I thought Google was an awesome resource to find the answers I needed to solve problems.  Yeah, I was a fan girl.  … Continue Reading...