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EMCWorld: Tucci & Gelsinger Space Themed Keynote Announces 42 EMC Products

This week more than 13,000 IT professionals, EMC customers, vendors, analysts, bloggers and content creators showed up in Las Vegas to attend EMC’s annual EMCWorld conference. The theme this year was Transform IT+Business+Yourself with a focus on the cloud, big data and improving application performance by optimizing storage within your data center.

42 product announcements were made on Monday providing attendees with the opportunity to try out these new solutions in over 100 hands-on labs plus discuss and explore them through 500 planned breakout sessions.

For more coverage on EMCWorld via CDW and my correspondence, check out the BizTech Magazine event page.

The conference kicked off with Monday’s keynote of Joe Tucci, Chairman, President & CEO of EMC Corporation and Pat Gelsinger, President & COO of EMC Information Infrastructure Products sharing how the cloud, big data, backup management and data recovery needs are driving innovation at EMC to deliver solutions focused on increasing performance and lowering the cost of ownership.

In one word, transformation.  This was reinforced throughout the conference with images, video clips, costumes and props themed with outer space, Star Trek, The Terminator and spoofs of future world based storylines.

Example: As attendees worked walked in to Monday’s keynote, they were greeted with images of Tucci and Gelsinger as astronauts:

Monday Morning Keynote

The speaking hall was laid out with thousands of seats that quickly filled up.

Wrapped around the immense stage where Tucci and Gelsinger would speak were three extremely large screens.  They reminded me of sitting in the IMAX theatre which gives you a 3D film experience, making you feel like part of the action.  This definitely felt like a high production value conference.  The audience was greeted with high definition video and surround sound showing a galaxy of stars, planets and spaceships with quotes about EMC from customers, journalists and media channels including:

EMC has given the public sector a blank canvas to develop computing systems

cited from a February 2012 article in the Irish Times title, State Reaches For The Cloud..

Joe Tucci took the stage thanking customers and vendors for their support and took the audience through private vs public cloud adoption, the evolution of data storage and how real time data analysis is becoming possible to deliver more relevant customer experiences.

An example that Tucci shared is how shopping (and marketing) will evolve as the use and availability of real-time data grows.  Shopping in a grocery store will become a personalized experience not just for the customer receiving coupons but also for the merchant.  Being able to not only “push” coupons and promotion to the customers phone (which would be annoying) but also gathering behavioral information and contrast that with relevant personal data such as brand choices based on national origin (in this case the shopper was from the UK and was looking for a specific candy offered in London) and cross referencing that with in-store behavior such as how long customers spend in the aisle (potentially indicating a state of indecision).

Tucci shared a slide of the EMC family tree illustrated that there are two main focuses for their solutions: information storage and information protection.  Tucci said that organic R&D is a big part of EMC’s culture so we can expect to see ongoing improvement of product lines.

Pat Gelsinger was up next using physics as a storyline to introduce us to EMC’s new products.  Virtualizing is the next big frontier and is changing the equilibrium of the storage and backup environment in enterprise.  Gelsinger brought Chad Sakac, SVP of Global Presales, on stage to do an SAP provisioning demo.

Gelsinger shared case studies highlighting EMC customer such as:

  • Visa experienced a 60% reduction in provisioning time
  • T-Mobile backs up 87TB daily
  • LinkedIn uses several EMC solutions including VMAX, Isilon, VMX, and Data Domain

Note: There was also a random loud explosion during one of the demo’s used to emphasize…a disaster?

Here’s a sampling of the product announcements:

Symmertrix VMAX 40K
What it is and who it’s for: Purpose built storage intended for hybrid arrays that leverage local data and the cloud for enterprise

Avamar 6.1
What it is and who it’s for: Intelligent backup software that leverages deduplication, remote and virtual agents

What it is and who it’s for: Unified storage array focused on the SMB and mid market environment

What it is and who it’s for: Providing deduplication storage for backup and archiving in an enterprise environment

Check out the interview I did with Pat Gelsinger on Wednesday:


EMC is looking to help enterprise companies manage their data in a way that makes sense for their organization and needs.  They are developing solutions that integrate or bridge multiple technologies plus are stepping up real-time, automation through policy and the use of flash to optimize productivity and responsiveness when it comes to storage, backups and recovery.

Want More?

I’m attending EMCWorld as a digital correspondent for CDW interviewing keynote speakers, live tweeting from the @CDWcorp account (follow them!) and writing articles during the event.

Check out EMCWorld photos and the EMCWorld Facebook area on CDW’s Facebook page

Check out discussions and prize announcements on the EMCWorld event area on CDW’s Spiceworks page

If you see me around, say hello in person or on Twitter (@adriarichards)!

WordPress Security: How To Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site – East Bay WordPress Meetup

Yesterday I presented to the Security Revisited event put on by the East Bay WordPress Meetup group on how to get your WordPress website back on it’s feet after it’s been hacked or infected with malware.

Last year I helped Patrice who runs recover from a seriously nasty malware hack to her blog after Google told her she had been blacklisted.  It was frustrating for Patrice, her fans and advertisers but I got the site cleaned up and hack free.  Back in June I saw there was a call for WordPress security topics so I jumped in and said I’d share my experience as a case study for the group.

I covered:

  • How to tell if your WordPress site was hacked
  • Why people hack WordPress sites (popularity, infect other computers, steal data)
  • First steps to start investigating the problem
  • How to backup your WordPress files and database
  • How to scan your WordPress files for infection using Avira
  • How to scan your WordPress site using Sucuri
  • Tools and plugins to use to monitor your site for changes
  • How I recovered the site of a popular blogger using this system
  • and much more!

Here’s the presentation from the meetup:

People asked several questions during the presentation and I’m listing the resources I mentioned here as well as the recorded WordPress training at Udemy I’m teaching and the San Francisco WordPress workshop in February at Parisoma:

What hosting company do you recommend and why?

Rochenhost (affiliate link) – They do backups twice a day, respond to support tickets in 8 – 14 minutes, have Red Hat certified technicians and proactively monitor their shared hosting servers.  Fast, responsive and solid.

What WordPress theme provider do you recommend and why?

Woothemes (affiliate link) - They keep all their themes up to date on a regular basis, they have great support and and active community of users, their framework supports patching security issues in their themes and they have a wide variety of flexible themes to fit nearly any WordPress site

What are the security / protection plugins you named?

What was the link to the blog post you did last year on hacked WordPress sites?

Where can I read more about the TimThumb vulnerability?

Where can I get WordPress training online?

You can head over to Udemy which is now hosting my Build Your Own WordPress Website training for just $29.  You get 8 hours of solid, step-by-step training on how to set up your very own WordPress website.  Remember, the best part about using WordPress is that it is SEO optimized out of the box!

I just received a really nice quote from a previous client I setup on WordPress in 2008 because I asked him to share his story with a new prospective client who is still riding the fence on WordPress:

“I know that WordPress has been the best thing.  Many changes I do myself which keeps the site fresh. It also keeps me interested in routinely updating since I instantly see the changes.”

Joseph L. Rapacki, Rapacki & Co Accounting (yes, that’s a WordPress site)

Where can I get WordPress training in person?

Glad you asked!  I’m teaching a four week WordPress workshop in San Francisco this February at Parisoma called, Becoming A WordPress Master, and it’s going to cover all the essentials of WordPress.  Great for people just getting started with WordPress as well as people who want to better understand how to leverage SEO, themes and plugins.  We’ll cover new features in WordPress 3.3 like the HTML 5 drag and drop image upload option.

The cost is $120 for all four sessions and you can register here.

  • WordPress Setup 101: Wed, Feb 1
  • WordPress Tour: Wed, Feb 8
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins: Wed, Feb 15
  • WordPress Content Strategy and SEO: Wed, Feb 22

Thank you to Sallie Goetsch for asking me to speak at the meetup event and thank you to Anca of Techliminal for hosting the meetup!  It was great to meet everyone and hear people’s questions about WordPress security!