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EMCWorld 2012 welcomes you

EMCWorld: Tucci & Gelsinger Space Themed Keynote Announces 42 EMC Products

This week more than 13,000 IT professionals, EMC customers, vendors, analysts, bloggers and content creators showed up in Las Vegas to attend EMC’s annual EMCWorld conference. The theme this year was Transform IT+Business+Yourself with a focus on the cloud, big data and improving application performance by optimizing storage within your data center.

42 product announcements were made on Monday providing attendees with the opportunity to try out these new solutions in over 100 hands-on labs plus discuss and explore them through 500 planned breakout sessions.… Continue Reading...


WordPress Security: How To Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site – East Bay WordPress Meetup

Yesterday I presented to the Security Revisited event put on by the East Bay WordPress Meetup group on how to get your WordPress website back on it’s feet after it’s been hacked or infected with malware.

Last year I helped Patrice who runs recover from a seriously nasty malware hack to her blog after Google told her she had been blacklisted.  It was frustrating for Patrice, her fans and advertisers but I got the site cleaned up and hack free.  … Continue Reading...

3 Ways To Drive Blog Traffic From Major News Events + Tupac Baby Boomer Case Study

Tupac’s alleged killer comes forward after more than 10 years.  Now what?

People are hungry to find out the latest developments on big news stories and turn to Google, YouTube and social media to find it.  If you can post a timely and interesting article, you will be sitting pretty to receive an enormous amount of traffic.

How do you find the hot topics people are talking about online and attract new visitors to your website?… Continue Reading...