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Event: The Whole Enchihuahua In Dolores Park May 1st, 2011

The SF SPCA invited the San Francisco Chihuahua Meetup to participate in the Whole Enchihuahua at Dolores Park on Sunday, May 1st.  We are proud and excited to participate in this exciting event!

The Whole Enchihuahua

Festivities 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Costume Contest 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Enter your dog in the contest and prove what you already know: you have the cutest dog on the planet.

Many dogs will enter.

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Remembering Bluey My Dog

Today I lost a very good friend.  Her name was Bluey and she taught me three things:

  • Life is precious
  • Time is precious
  • Everyone has a lesson to share

Bluey was my dog and she changed my life.  She was with me for the last 8 years and today she died from congestive heart failure.  This post will serve as a tribute to her memory.

She passed away at approximately 3:20pm Saturday April 23rd, 2011.… Continue Reading...

The Tunnel Draws Near For Bluey

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kr3stO

Bluey still isn’t doing well.  She passed out again tonight when I took her downstairs for a potty break only this time…she lost control of her bladder while I held her.  That’s never, ever happened before.  She was unconscious for nearly a minute this time and as she lay limp in my arms, I wondered if she would die on this cool, drizzly night in San Francisco.… Continue Reading...