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dropbox space increase

Dropbox Doubles Space To Squeeze Out Competition

It looks like the marketplace for storing and syncing your important files in the cloud is growing. In response to recent competition, Dropbox is now doubling the amount of space for users who pay monthly for increased storage.  Those users are also getting the opportunity to gift 100GB of free storage for three months to friends and family.

I received the email below yesterday:

Hi Adria,

We’ve got some great news for you – we’ve doubled your Dropbox Pro plan!

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Mozy Backup Dropped The Ball On Customer Support Today [VIDEO]

After being both a Mozy Home and MozyPro customer since 2007, I’m sorry to say that Mozy has gone down the slippery slope of low quality support and outsourcing, the same as Dell did a few years back.

If you remember the Dell Hell post Jeff Jarvis did a few years back, it was about his horrible experience of Dell passing the buck.

Well, welcome to the club Mozy. #fail

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Amazon Crashes The Cloud

Just when we thought things were looking up for SMB and enterprise to move into the cloud via Google Apps, Salesforce and distributed file and database hosting, Amazon loses control over their cloud services hosted in Virginia.

It’s now on day two of the outage and really big social media services like and Hootsuite have experienced serious downtime. Countless other sites running using Amazon’s services for ecommerce and product delivery have also been affected.… Continue Reading...

Mozy Secure, Easy, Affordable, Backups For Your Data


Would Miss Your Computer Files in a Fire?

Mozy is an amazing solution for keeping your data safe.  Computer data is usually lost to fire, theft and hardware failures.  Mozy protects your data by securely uploading your files to a safe data center.

I’ve been using it for 2 years and it’s not let me or my clients down once!

  • Secure Files are encrypted before they go up
  • Easy You don’t need to be techie to backup your data
  • Affordable Mozy is just $4.95/month for unlimited storage

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My SATA Data Recovery Tools Including Adapters, External Drives, Converters

Newegg is my favorite place to order my techie supplies.

Once You Know, You Newegg

Here are my hardware tools for data recovery and transfer for SATA drives. I found out a friend had a drive go south on him so he lost some productivity because he didn’t have SATA based recovery hardware on hand; thus I share my tools to you for future reference.

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