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End of TechCrunch? Michael Arrington Fired?

There is certainly a bit of “disruption” going on over at Techcrunch but it’s not about next week’s conference.  The dispute is about the new venture fund that was announced last week called, CrunchFund, and has created problems for TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, causing him to be fired from his own company.

Will this bring Techcrunch to a screeching halt?

Will TechCrunch writers go on strike or walk out?

And to stoke the fires a bit more on the subject, a cartoon has surfaced on YouTube from Next Media Animation,

Summary from the LA Times Blog:

recap: Arrington is the colorful personality behind TechCrunch, the mini media empire that he sold to AOL last year. He told us Thursday that he was starting a $20-million venture fund. He said his new title at TechCrunch would be founding editor and writer. In that role, he said he would not exert editorial control and would fully disclose his investments in blog posts on TechCrunch.

Arrington also told us he would continue to break news. He even inserted a clause in the venture fund’s limited partnership agreement that gives him carte blanche to report on anything he learns except as an investor.

But on Friday AOL began putting out the word that Arrington no longer works for TechCrunch. Instead, AOL says, he works for AOL Ventures as a professional investor. In that role, he could contribute unpaid blog posts to TechCrunch.

Now that is pretty much what AOL has said all along. But its CEO Tim Armstrong told the New York Times on Thursday “TechCrunch is a different property and they have different standards.”

I’m personally not a big fan of Arianna Huffington to begin with.  Constantly micro analyzing the world of politics and publishing a new post every time someone farts (or holds it in) is not my kind of news.

MG Siegler, one of the main editors and writers at Techcrunch (also the owner of the following title, ” Kick Ass Pool party coordinator” explained in a piece on his personal blog why the New York Times had it all wrong on the internal workings of TechCrunch:

So gather ‘round everyone, to learn how TechCrunch actually works.

First and foremost, the concept of an “editor” at TechCrunch is essentially just a title and nothing more. Generally speaking, neither Mike nor Erick (TC’s two “co-editors”) are overlords that dictate what everyone else covers. With a few exceptions (mainly for newer writers), no one person even readsposts by any other author before they are posted.

Traditional journalists may be appalled to learn this. But this is a big key of why TechCrunch kicks their ass in tech coverage. We’re fast and furious in ways they can’t be, because they’re adhering to the old rules. Are there benefits to those old rules? Sure. But in my opinion, the benefits of the way we work far outweighs the benefits of the way they work.

If you want a more objective take, simply look at the number of tech stories we’ve broken over the years versus the number any old school publication has. Our system works.

Next week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference ought to be quite interesting given the recent upset within the company.  See you there!

New Yorkers Dumpster Dive For Free Shoes In Union Square [VIDEO]

Would you dig through trash for free fashion?  With the economy still affecting much of the country, people are always looking for ways to save money.  Over 50 New Yorkers scored scored free name brand shoes Sunday night in Union Square by taking initiative.

I was leaving Max Brenner’s with my Twitter friend @Nukirk when we saw a group of people gathered in front of Shoemania on the corner of Broadway and 14th.  As we approached, it appeared that people were looking at the bags of trash on the curb.  Some bags had been opened and people were looking through the trash for shoes.

There were about 30 people separating empty boxes, loose paper and empty soda cups from shoes.  There were murmurs that there were only left shoes but that was quickly squashed when someone yelled, “I found a pair!”.  People moved in quickly, opening up new bags and pouring the contents onto the sidewalk.  A young couple had found 4 pairs of mens shoes and had them lined up near Storemania’s closed doors.  I chatted with several people who apparently had found matching pairs of shoes.  Nukirk overheard people working together to find matches.
New Yorkers Dumpster Dive For Free Shoes

There were all sorts of shoes including Adidas, Crocs, Converse, Ed Hardy, Dansko, Sketchers, Teva, Donald Pliner, MBT, Steve Madden, Mephisto, Ecco and Dr. Martins.  Styles included everything from women’s heels and sandals to men’s dress shoes and high end sneakers.

For some human sociology reason, this sort of behaviour captivated me.  I snapped a few photos at this unique flashmob event.  A taxi slowed down to check out what was going on.  A woman in a tan SUV stopped as if she was considering joining the free-for-all.  I asked Nukirk if he wanted to join in.  We edged our way into the crowd as I exclaimed how people were overcoming the social messages that “dumpster diving” is a bad thing.  I’ve seen some beautiful furniture pieces my friends have landed at garage sales, on Craigslist and yes, dumpster diving on the weekends.  I started by watching others toss and sort shoes.  Nukirk was hopeful he’d match up a pair of artsy sneakers.  I scanned for matching pairs, tossing and sorting shoes to the sidewalk to make this a cooperative dumpster delight.

I ended up scoring a pair of brown sandals early on and had a great time joining all these enterprising New Yorkers in getting a great deal!  As we looked for our pairs, people stopped, stared, joined in, took photos and helped others find matching pairs.

As I left in a taxi with my score, I saw the crowd had swelled and wished everyone good luck in finding their next pair *smile*

Hey Little Sis, I Love You Too

I’m not sure how to start this blog post so I’m just going to start writing. Today I’m not writing about technology. Today I got a card and a couple of gifts from my sister, Gwendolyn. I haven’t talked to her since 2008.

Hello Kitty Gwendolyn Happy Birthday Adria

I love my sister. It brings me much pain to realize how our childhood has affected her as an adult. I know that I always seem happy, excited, optimistic and ready for the next challenge that life brings my way. Unfortunately, her life and thoughts have been very different.

She suffers from depression. I didn’t really understand what this meant. I thought depression was something that was temporary. I thought it could be cured if things in life got better for you. I thought medication helped make life better if you have depression.

I know it took a lot for her to muster up the courage to do this.
Hello Kitty Gwendolyn Happy Birthday Adria

Whenever I think of depression, that commercial with the cloud comes to mind where that’s sad person is always followed by that sad cloud.  Then I think of the more happy, parody version MadTV did:

Pretty much 99.9999% of the time, I am happy, joyous, grateful, full of energy about life!  Sometimes, I have felt guilty that I am just so excited about being alive while others seem to find the world a horrible place to exist.
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