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5 Tech Jobs In San Francisco Available May 2011

As I move back into my role as a technology consultant solving problems for companies, I’m beginning to get questions such as,

“Do you know someone who does XYZ?”

so I’m going to start posting groups of jobs here at to help people get connected with good opportunities.

All jobs are in San Francisco unless otherwise noted.  Feel free to send job leads and questions to me via my contact page.  If it’s a good fit for my readers, I’ll post it.  If you have a question about one of the jobs, I’ll do my best to answer it or get you connected to the person who reached out to me!

Note: Images did not come with the job postings.  I added those in for a bit of eye candy and do not reflect the actual job environment!

1. Mac Desktop Support

Our client is a top tier marketing firm located in San Francisco. Currently we have an opening for a Help Desk Analyst supporting internal users in a MAC and Windows environment. In this role, you will be accountable for the day-to-day operations, monitoring, troubleshooting, automation, and configuration of applications and supporting hardware, software, and operational needs of laptop and desktop systems.  Contract to Hire.  $50,000.

  • Provide technical support to internal users with in a Microsoft, Apple, Adobe products environment
  • Troubleshoot hardware, software and networking issues on Mac and PC
  • Utilize ticketing system to respond to Help Desk calls and problem tickets Continue reading

Hire Ruth Kalinka: Conversationalist

I met @ruthkalinka at SXSW.  She is full of bubbles!

I had a chance to talk with Ruth this week about her passion and we identified 3 roles Ruth could play in your next project:

  1. Conversationalist
  2. Conference Evangalist
  3. Design Strategist

Her passion for wine and the food industry was discussed.  In the last year, she has gone from wine n00b to understanding how different regions affect the taste of the wine.

Ruth is detail orientated, a bit “Type A” and loves people!

She’s in Philly but is able to work with you from anywhere

Hire My Twitter Friend: Ren, Future Park Ranger

My twitter friend @wr3n works in technology but has a secret passion for nature.  She wants to be a park ranger at a national forest and give tours.

I think she would be great at it because she’s detailed orientated.  I could see her rescuing animals, putting out forest fires and maintaining a communications station with her dog at her side.

She recently went on vacation and watched a massive crane migration.

Ren can manage your redundant drive arrays and your nature preserve.