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Is Your iPhone App Supporting Hate Crimes? The story TaxiMagic and Mustafa [VIDEO]

Are iPhone apps like TaxiMagic perpetuating hate crimes?

Last night I took a taxi home from the Tenderloin to the Mission District.  I had the pleasure of being driven by Mustafa, a relaxed, cheerful older man.  Mustafa shared with me how he no longer feels safe driving his cab after 16 years due to an iPhone app called TaxiMagic.  He’s had at least three bad experiences upon being dispatched to a call that originated from the TaxiMagic iPhone app.

It’s affecting his work focus and earnings and the supervisor won’t help.

I asked Mustafa for permission to record our conversation.

If you have ideas that could help Mustafa, email me

Happy #MLK Day And Thank You For My Freedom

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.  I am so very grateful for the work he did to challenge the status quo and draw worldwide attention to the problems Brown people in America faced.

Today I share this music video from Common and, “I Have A Dream

As I shared on Twitter today, my family is new to the word, “freedom”.  My grandfather was a sharecropper and according to my mom, my great grandfather was a slave.  This means my dad and his siblings were the first to really have “opportunties”.  On my mom’s side (she’s the Jewish one), her great grandparents came from Poland.  My grandparents were born in NYC, grew up, met each other, got married and lived the “American dream” but not before my grandfather and all his siblings changed their last names from Jepnick to Richards in hopes of avoiding discrimination for being Jewish (anti-semitism),

I am grateful I have the freedom to truly pursue what makes me happy.  I thank the people before me who stood up for those of us who could not find our voices (or who had not been born yet!).

Thank you Dr. King