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Headed To NYC For BlogHer, Ecommerce Hack Day and Meetups

Last week I attended my first DEF CON.  It was epic and you should add it to your list of annual conferences to attend. I’ll post more about my DefCon experience in a later on.  As I continue my travels as a Developer Evangelist for SendGrid meeting customers, attending hackathons and speaking at conferences, my next stop is New York City!

I have full schedule during my New York trip which includes a hacknight and BlogHer events.

Here’s a list of events I will be attending, speaking at and participating in while in NYC for the week —

BlogHer -It’s time again for this great conference and I’m speaking!  The panel is  title is: Streamline Your Technical Toolkit: How to Do More with Less and you can see it Friday, August 3rd at 2:45pm – It’s moderated by Carley Knobloch and Lara Galloway will also be on the panel.  We will share concepts, workflows and tools to be more productive and improve your focus on what’s important.  BlogHer is now in their 8th year and last year’s attendees surpassing 3,000.  This is my 4th year attending and 3rd year speaking so I look forward to seeing all of you

Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) Accelerator – This event is Wednesday evening (sold out) and will have several speakers including Kass Lazerow, co-founder & COO of Buddy Media and the founders of BlogHer.  Food is being provided by Katie Workman, author of The Mom 100 Cookbook.

Girls In Tech + Coffee Night Hack – This event is Wednesday night (sold out) and will host 60 women programmers to come together and work on their code, network and enjoy caffine.

eCommerce Hack Day – This weekend long hackathon, organized by Dwolla and Etsy will bring together developers to leverage commerce, communication and platform API’s, including SendGrid, to compete for prizes.  I’ll be joining Swift from SendGrid at the event.

While in New York I’m also looking forward to meeting my future SXSW panelist Sasha Laundy from Codecademy. SXSW Panel Voting  August 13. Expect to see a few SXSW post around then and reach out if you’re attending one of these events or live in NYC.

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Tech In SF: Screening Of CNN’s Black In America “The Changing Face of Silicon Valley” & Women 2.0 Startup Weekend


It’s been an exciting month this October with speaking at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo and networking in New York City.

I’m back in San Francisco for the rest of the year (fingers crossed) and want to let you know about upcoming events here that you should check out!

You can always find out what I’m up to by checking on Plancast. Continue reading


Global foursquare Hackathon This Weekend

This weekend marks the second ever foursquare hackathon where people with great ideas from around the world to create new and interesting apps that leverage the fourquare API.  It will be, as most hackathons are, two days of working, testing, building, researching, asking questions, eating, consuming caffeine and grabbing sleep when possible.

Hackthon Details
September 17th – 18th, 2011
Twitter #4sqhackathon
IRC #foursquare at

I will be heading to the San Francisco foursquare office to team up with Hadiyah to build an app.  More on that later once we get to the hackathon on Saturday morning!

From the site:

The growing foursquare community (over 10 million!) is spread out all over the world and it’s about time we had a hackathon that reflected our global nature. So, join us over the September 17-18th weekend for a round-the-clock hacking session that’s happening all around the world!

In addition to our four official sites (NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, & Paris) we welcome developers everywhere to band together and build amazing stuff on the foursquare API. There will be prizes, swag, and featured blog posts for the best hacks, no matter where in the world they come from.

So join a foursquare hackathon Meetup in your city on 9/17-18 by signing up. If you can, suggest a venue where people can meetup and hack, or leave a comment to get suggestions going. It’s easy to get started and we’ll provide tools, resources, and high-fives every step of the way!

Foursquare will be hosting the hackathon in four locations including New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris so developers, hackers, biz dev and product people can work on their ideas but this is global so you can participate from anywhere in the world!  Details here

The Schedule


9:00am Breakfast + Registration

10:00 Welcome, overview of day, API introduction, Guest API intros

11:00 Hack idea/team pitches

11:30 Hacking begins

1:00pm Lunch

7:30 Dinner


2:00am Doors close: You can stay as long as you’re hacking, otherwise go home, sleep, and come back after 8!

8:00 Doors open

9:00 Breakfast + caffeine

12:30pm Lunch

4:00 Laptop screens down! Sign up to present your hack

4:15 Show us your hacks!

5:00 Voting for best hacks for the site.

5:30 Wrap-up, submitting hacks for global voting/glory, mingling, beer drinking

5:45 Site winners announced

6:00 Bye!

Additional API’s To Compliment The foursquare API

There are several APIs  in addition to the foursquare API hackers can work with including:

  • Twillio API – Call, manage, direct, send, screen, record and more with voice while rocking sms notifications.  Mobile and web.
  • Aviary API – Edit photos within a browser
  • API – Restaurant, order and user apis for ordering food
  • Venmo API – Pay your friends and social contacts.  iOS, Android and web
  • Bing Maps API – Street view will never be the same, eh.  Windows 7, web
  • THECALLR API – Phone IVR, dialer, track, conference, allocate numbers, electronic vm
  • Stupeflix API – Video, layered rich media plus social , TTS accessibility
  • 1001Menus API – social menu sharing, restaurants, maps
  • Songkick API – Concerts, past and upcoming performances near you
  • Moodstocks API – Image recognition, scan, better than QR codes.  mobile

Prizes For Awesome foursquare Hacks

You can win all sorts of cool prizes like a trip to NYC, the chance to have your app show up on the NASDQ screen in Times Square, an inflateable remote controlled shark plus bragging rights until the next hackathon!

Grand Prize 

Dinner with foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai in NYC plus this amazing foursquare hackathon title belt!  You’ll be in good company because Akshay Patil, foursquare’s platform evangelist and Bryce Roberts of O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures will also be joining you for dinner.

Image courtesy of foursquare github hackathon site

Grand Prize Finalists

Three of the most popular hacks will get a special “Platformer” badge

People’s Choice

Interesting mix here of the inflatable remote controlled shark (that you could ride on a boat), a foursquare mayor hoodie, ball to bounce around on your non mayored friends and a top secret t-shirt.  Plus of course, bragging rights that you were the foursquare hackathon’s people’s choice.


Fly to New York City to see your hack proudly shown on the NADAQ display screen in Times Square.  Plus bragging rights!

Twillio prizes

The Twillio finalist will get $500 in Twillio credit which is about 50,000 sms messages while the team with the best hack will get flown out to New York City to meet with Brad Burnham and Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures!

Local hacking prizes

New York City

  • Aviary
  • Venmo

San Francisco

  • Bing Maps
  • Stupeflix


  • Stupeflix
  • 1001Menus
  • Songkick
  • Moodstocks


So that’s it!  Wish us luck and see you at a future hackathon in San Francisco!