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2014 SXSW Talk: Building The Bridge To Equality With Allies

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Next week SXSW kicks off in Austin, TX with Interactive and film followed by SXSW Music. I’m honored to be speaking for the fifth year in a row.

I’m giving a talk titled, “Building The Bridge To Equality With Allies” and co-presenting with Dr. Kortney Ziegler — author, activist, creative artist and founder of Transhack.

This topic is especially close to my heart this year due to my experience last year of being targeted for a massive online harassment campaign by hate groups after speaking out about sexual harassment at a tech conference.  … Continue Reading...

VIDEO: Women Who Code Do Tech Talks Too

Most speakers at tech conferences are men.  This isn’t a surprise but a lot activity is going on to change this because diversity increases the bottom line.  I spoke on a panel held by Women Who Code to discuss how to get more women to submit tech talks to tech conferences.  After speaking, we provided 1:1 mentoring with attendees and several of them submitted video talk proposals to upcoming O’Reilly conferences.… Continue Reading...

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Women Building Careers With Code – My Talk At TEDx BayArea Global Women Entrepreneurs

TEDX BayArea Global Women Entrepreneurs

Excited to share I will be giving a talk at TEDx BayArea Global Women Entrepreneur event on Saturday!

My Talk: Women Building Careers With Code

Summary: I will share the stories of three women who have changed from careers in finance, education and economics to development and programming.  We’ll look at how society has valued individuals with the ability to create.  I will highlight contributions made by different countries such as the technique of extracting Tyrian purple from sea snails, the process for creating parchment from animal skins and the Gutenberg printing press which made literacy accessible.  … Continue Reading...