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How To Pitch VC’s In Your Bare Feet

Are you worried about presenting your startup idea to a bunch of straight-faced venture capitalists to get funding?

While an obvious spoof, this video does contain essential points to cover in a pitch (which I learned at BlogHer bet during the session, “The Deck“) including:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Qualify yourself (why are you the best person to move this idea forward)
  • Present the problem
  • Help the VC identify with the problem
  • Use numbers to quantify the problem
  • Flesh out potential solutions
  • Brand your solution
  • Tell them how much you need
  • Get visual and specific
  • Explain what you’ll do with the funding

I’m certainly paying more attention to the startup world now that I’ve been to a few startup focused conferences like TechCrunch Disrupt and BlogHer BET, experienced the startup vibe at SXSW, launched my own startup last week and then won the AppSumo Lean Startup Challenge.
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