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How Switch Between Your Personal Gmail and Google Apps In The Same Browser [VIDEO]

Many people have experienced the frustration being booted out of their Gmail and Google Apps account after Google’s transition of all Google Apps accounts to proper Google accounts.

You can enable account switching without using multiple browsers by using the following page multiple sign-in settings page:

When multiple sign-in is turned on, you can click the arrow next to your address (at top right) to switch between accounts with these Google products: Gmail, Calendar, Google Voice and Google Reader Continue reading

How To Use Appointment Slots In Google Calendar [VIDEO]

Following up with the blog post from a few days ago announcing the new Google Calendar feature called Appointment slots, I’ve created a video on how to use them. Enjoy!

Make sure to think about using or another url shortening service to make it easier for your potential clients and visitors to reserve time!

Google Releases Appointment Slots For Booking Time Online [VIDEO]

This long awaited feature that has been backfilled by companies like TimebridgeTungleTimeTrade and Genbook is arriving for Google Calendar and Google Apps in a browser near you soon!

With appointment slots in Google Calendar, you can setup blocks of time that are publicly available for reservation.

Continue reading