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The Pluses And Minuses Of Google Plus – Presenting At Web 2.0 Today!

I’m excited that later today I’ll be presenting at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo here in NYC.  I posted about it earlier this week and a few months ago and the day is here!

The Pluses and Minuses of Google+
I’ll be presenting at 11:45am in conference room D so stop by!

Here is the initial deck on Slideshare which I’ll update after the session:


Now Anyone Can Sign Up For Google+

Google announced minutes ago  that Google+ is now open to the entire world!  Forget about asking for invites.

For the past 12 weeks we’ve been in field trial, and during that time we’ve listened and learned a great deal. We’re nowhere near done, but with the improvements we’ve made so far we’re ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups. This way anyone can visit, join the project and connect with the people they care about.

The announcement is cropping up everywhere on the internet including:

Lifehacker Google+ Now Available to Everyone, No Invitation Necessary

Mashable Google+ Now Open to Everyone

BBC Google+ opens service to everyone

Cnet Google opens its social network to all | Digital Media

RWW Google Plus Opens to All & Announces 9 New Features

Google started their beta or “field test” of their new social network this summer.  For many, it couldn’t of come at a better time with ongoing complaints about Facebook and the growing amount of noise on Twitter.  As with many of Google’s early products, Google+ was invite only.  I got in fairly early on June 29th, 2011 and made a video the same day to share my experience:

First Look Google+ (aka Google Plus)

Soon Google+ Guides, Tutorials, Cheat Sheets and even Google+ training began popping up all over.  There are no fewer than thirteen books on Google+ coming out this fall promising to help you learn how to use Google+.  I’m excited to share that

I’m speaking about Google+ at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference on it next month in NYC.  My session is called, “The Pluses and Minuses of Google+” and I have amazing content lined up for the session.  Now that I know the audience will have access to Google+, I’m going to make it more interactive. Sign up to attend Web 2.0.   Register today with discount code webny11alx107 to save an extra 20% off Web 2.0 tickets.  Code expires September 22nd, 2011.

All of you who felt you were missing out or couldn’t invite friends and family can now share the experience of Google+.  Of course, the interesting spin on this will be how new people will adapt, how the community will change and what new and creative uses people will use the new social network for.


Google+ Community Managers Share User Stories At BlogHer [VIDEO]

Find out how users of the new social network have been using Google+. Everything from cooking classes and group meditation to free concerts and as a family baby monitor. Plus tips and tricks on using Google+.

Last month when I attended BlogHer, I was excited to see that the BlogHer team had arranged not only for attendees to receive Google+ invites but managed to get Google community managers to come out and speak at BlogHer in the “fishbowl”, a presentation area in the expo hall.  It was a great presentation and I captured it on camera to share.


+Natalie Villalobos, Google+ Community Manager
+Katherine Gramann , Google+ and Hangouts Community Manager
+Carolyn Witte, Google+ Marketing

Great job Natalie, Katherine and Carolyn! Thanks for a wonderful presentation and thank you to +Elisa Camahort Page +Lisa Stone +Jory Des Jardins and +Maria Niles for arranging Google to come in and present plus give conference attendees 3,000 Google+ invites!

Presented August 6th, 2011
San Diego, CA