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Gmail Undo: When You Realize Your Mistake After Clicking Send

How many times have you wished you could undo an email you sent to someone? Maybe you shared a bit too much or sent it to the wrong person.

Gmail has a solution for that known as Undo Send.  Originally listed in Gmail Labs back in 2009, this feature allows you to quickly fix your trigger happy mouse finger by letting you undo a sent email.

Today a friend sent me an email by accident that contained some personal information; including a secret he planned to disclose to someone else.… Continue Reading...


Google+ Community Managers Share User Stories At BlogHer [VIDEO]

Find out how users of the new social network have been using Google+. Everything from cooking classes and group meditation to free concerts and as a family baby monitor. Plus tips and tricks on using Google+.

Last month when I attended BlogHer, I was excited to see that the BlogHer team had arranged not only for attendees to receive Google+ invites but managed to get Google community managers to come out and speak at BlogHer in the “fishbowl”, a presentation area in the expo hall.  … Continue Reading...


You’re Already Using Google+ Whether You Know It Or Not

There are a lot of conversations going on about Google+ being a Facebook killer and people complaining they don’t have the time or energy to join yet another social network.  This video does an amazing job at breaking down the value points of Google+ for the average Joe.

Thanks to +Leslie Fishlock for the heads up on this great video by Epipheo Studios about helping people understand the difference between Facebook and Google Plus for organizing your relationships with people.… Continue Reading...