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blogher How to encourage more brown women to launch technology startups

How To Encourage More Brown Women To Launch Tech Startups

I am taking this StartupWeekend event as an opportunity to reply to TechCrunch’s post, Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them?

The following blog post is written by a Brown woman and is advice to be followed by Brown women who are interested in technology, starting a company, launching a startup or being more successful in business.

A few weeks ago, TechCrunch wrote what I considered to be a “dumb” and patronizing article asking why there appeared to be so few Brown women launching tech startups.  … Continue Reading...

11 Reasons Why I’m Learning Ruby On Rails

Tonight I undertake a new skill set.  Learning Ruby on Rails.  For the next two days, the Ruby On Rail Outreach Workshop For Women will be underway in San Francisco and I’m excited to be attending!

We’ll be at Pivotal Labs both days getting our environment setup and learning the basics of programming in Ruby.

I’ve picked up the book by Chris Pine, “Learn To Program” and am installing my Ruby development apps checklist now.… Continue Reading...