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blogher How to encourage more brown women to launch technology startups

How To Encourage More Brown Women To Launch Tech Startups

I am taking this StartupWeekend event as an opportunity to reply to TechCrunch’s post, Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them?

The following blog post is written by a Brown woman and is advice to be followed by Brown women who are interested in technology, starting a company, launching a startup or being more successful in business.

A few weeks ago, TechCrunch wrote what I considered to be a “dumb” and patronizing article asking why there appeared to be so few Brown women launching tech startups.  I began writing an angry blog post but decided instead to lead with action instead of words.

I invited two Brown women, @drgoddess and @kiratiana, who I knew from Twitter and conferences to head out and join me for StarutpWeekend in San Francisco.  We had all spent time talking together at SXSW about how to launch our ideas.  Kiratiana bought her ticket, booked her flight and arrived Thursday night!  You can read the pre-event blog post Startup Weekend Hits San Francisco Again For 2011 I wrote up.

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Entrepreneur Workflow: Communicating With New Business Clients

Last night I presented to a group of entrepreneurs participating in 100 Urban Entrepreneurs and it turned out to be an amazing session!  I shared how I entered the field of technology and what helped to me to decide I wanted to an entrepreneur.  I stepped the group through my discoveries of what worked and the obstacles I encountered.  Finally I recommended three essential web apps that were instrumental in helping me grow and manage my business.

Here’s my presentation which I created in SlideRocket (love this tool!)


A Business Built On Communication

My key points were:

  • Communication can make or break your business
  • Make it easy to do business with you
  • Your goal as a business owner is to make the customer feel at ease
  • Make sure what you deliver matches the customer’s expectations
  • Be available pre and post sales
  • Focus on making the ordering process easy for your customers
  • Billing should be straightforward and clear
  • Your customers are your biggest marketing tool
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Can Social Media Spark A Revolution? 5 Social Media Connections That Changed My Life

Can Social Media Spark A Revolution?

Malcolm Gladwell put out an article last year that the revolution would not be on Twitter.  He cited several examples from laissez-faire Facebook groups failing to raise enough money despite the massive number of fans to how friendships cultivated in college were the foundational success of the Woolworth’s sit-in by the young men who planned, rallied and led the protests against segregation in Greensboro, North Carolina.

On the other hand, an article in the New York Times explain the seemly strange sense of closeness, “ambient awareness”, people feel towards others who participate in social networks.  A New York Times article explained the sense of comfort and closeness one could feel by being able to receive “updates” about the other person whether through Twitter, Facebook or a blog.

My definition of revolution: Dramatic shifts in awareness followed by measurable, sustained action….the foundation of a revolution.

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