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WordPress Security: How To Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site – East Bay WordPress Meetup

Yesterday I presented to the Security Revisited event put on by the East Bay WordPress Meetup group on how to get your WordPress website back on it’s feet after it’s been hacked or infected with malware.

Last year I helped Patrice who runs recover from a seriously nasty malware hack to her blog after Google told her she had been blacklisted.  It was frustrating for Patrice, her fans and advertisers but I got the site cleaned up and hack free.  … Continue Reading...

What StartupWeekend Taught Me In A Nutshell

Jack at the Bow
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sagolla

You should attend a StartupWeekend event.  It will change your life.

Writing an email today, I summed up in a single sentence what I learned two weeks ago about what it meant to me to be successful in business and how I will know I’ve reached that point:

“I want a have a brilliant business model with a product people can’t stop talking about.”

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5 Tech Jobs In San Francisco Available May 2011

As I move back into my role as a technology consultant solving problems for companies, I’m beginning to get questions such as,

“Do you know someone who does XYZ?”

so I’m going to start posting groups of jobs here at to help people get connected with good opportunities.

All jobs are in San Francisco unless otherwise noted.  Feel free to send job leads and questions to me via my contact page.  … Continue Reading...