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Surround Yourself With Positive People Birthday Wish [VIDEO]

Every year I make a YouTube video for my birthday.  I spend the day reflecting on my life and what I’ve learned in the last year.  I especially focus on what I’m grateful for.  Last night I thought about what had added the most value to my life and a sense of well-being came over me.

Why?  Because I have  fantastic people in my life who are doing awesome things, achieving their goals and helping others.  … Continue Reading...


My First Earthquake In San Francisco

Finally!  My first earthquake experience in California!  Yesterday afternoon seemed like any other day here in San Francisco: sunny, clear skies and in the 60’s.  That was until the earth shook!

I was recording a YouTube video on curly hair when all of a sudden it felt like a giant worm from the movie Beetlejuice or Dune went under the building.  I felt a sense of vertigo while it happened.  Being in San Francisco in the Mission, the earthquake felt very brief, less than 2 seconds it seemed.… Continue Reading...