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Loving Day: How Interracial Marriage Became Legal [VIDEO]

June 12th is Loving Day and marks a time in history when people thought quite differently about who could love who.

They did this sort of thinking out out and put laws in place to match those thoughts.  I knew about the court case but didn’t know there was an actual day to celebrate and recognize a change on love an marriage in America.

I participated in a guided interview on Growing up mixed in America this Sunday as a part of MTV’s ACT awareness campaign and decided to do a video to share what’s become known as “The Loving Story”:

In 1958 two people decided to get married.  … Continue Reading...

blogher How to encourage more brown women to launch technology startups

How To Encourage More Brown Women To Launch Tech Startups

I am taking this StartupWeekend event as an opportunity to reply to TechCrunch’s post, Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them?

The following blog post is written by a Brown woman and is advice to be followed by Brown women who are interested in technology, starting a company, launching a startup or being more successful in business.

A few weeks ago, TechCrunch wrote what I considered to be a “dumb” and patronizing article asking why there appeared to be so few Brown women launching tech startups.  … Continue Reading...

Is Your iPhone App Supporting Hate Crimes? The story TaxiMagic and Mustafa [VIDEO]

Are iPhone apps like TaxiMagic perpetuating hate crimes?

Last night I took a taxi home from the Tenderloin to the Mission District.  I had the pleasure of being driven by Mustafa, a relaxed, cheerful older man.  Mustafa shared with me how he no longer feels safe driving his cab after 16 years due to an iPhone app called TaxiMagic.  He’s had at least three bad experiences upon being dispatched to a call that originated from the TaxiMagic iPhone app.… Continue Reading...