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3 Ways To Drive Blog Traffic From Major News Events + Tupac Baby Boomer Case Study

Tupac’s alleged killer comes forward after more than 10 years.  Now what?

People are hungry to find out the latest developments on big news stories and turn to Google, YouTube and social media to find it.  If you can post a timely and interesting article, you will be sitting pretty to receive an enormous amount of traffic.

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Sharing Buttons Are The New Word of Mouth

Would you like to make it easy for people to share your content on your blog?

Things just got easier thanks to ShareThis!

Last night, they sent out an email saying you can now list out your favorite social networking sites with their new update!

I’ve created a tutorial on how to add the new “multi icons” into your WordPress blog over at Freshworkshops.

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Guest Webinar Tomorrow With Blogalicious: Google Search SEO

If you own a business and you’re on the internet, you have probably heard about your “Google rank”.  Maybe someone has called or emailed you promising if you pay them a monthly fee, they can get you to the very top of Google.

I will be a guest for an online Google SEO webinar being held by the Blogalicious conference tomorrow afternoon and invite you to attend!

How To Be Number One On The Google Without Paying A Small Fortune
When: Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at 2pm – 3pm Eastern
What: Learn how to rank well in Google
Cost: Free

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