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5 Questions To Add Authentic Value To Your Twitter Account

Now you may ask why I’m such an advocate of this ever growing, microblogging social network?

Because I’ve experienced it’s impact first hand for the last three years since signing up March 31st 2008 (Shout out to @womenwhotech).

I will continue to say that Twitter has been the most effective networking tool I’ve ever used in my entire life and Twitter landed me more business than 10 years of in person networking.  That’s why I use it, speak about it, am interviewed about it and train companies on how to use social media to be present and available in the lives of their customers.

But why?  What is it about Twitter that gives it so much juice?

Twitter is used by a core set of people who focus on giving. This attracts people seeking who seek help, direction and affirmation.  From career choices, coffee makers and cars to religion, raising children and raw food, you can find advice for it via Twitter.  Twitter is a giant weather vane composed of millions of tiny weather vanes helping you navigate your world.

Five Questions To Add Value To Your Twitter Stream

The most important think I’ve learned about Twitter is that it’s all about connecting on a deeper emotional level with others.  When you share something that resonates, people will respond.  You can brighten someone’s day without ever knowing it.

You can make them smile, snort or chuckle with delight.  You can give them perspective, courage and hope so my core advice for Twitter to be successful is to give with the intent of changing someone else’s reality.

  1. Are you sharing original thoughts?
  2. Are they focused on positive life events?
  3. Are you sharing news stories (that everyone else is also sharing? yawn)
  4. Are you reading the streams of other people and replying with a share?
  5. Are you making a sincere effort to improve the lives of those who follow you?

I encourage you to:

  • Participate more openly if you’re already on Twitter
  • Join Twitter if you’ve heard about it but not created an account
  • Discuss the impact of Twitter on your life, business and family
  • Share offline how you use Twitter and find out what others think too

In recent weeks, I’ve seen my Klout score climb to 68.  Klout is an independent site used to measure influence on Twitter.  I passed the 5,000 follower mark in May so along with the new score, I feel grateful and happy for this “social proof”.  Since people like you are voting with their “tweet” (haha, get it, “feet”?), I wanted to write a post to help you think about adding value to your tweets.

The geeky twist I provide via consulting is to look at all of these networks, platforms and tools in the bigger picture of your business workflow, create a technology blueprint and centralize communications whenever possible.  Feel free to contact me with interesting projects and speaking opportunities.


Everyone feels frustrated at first when they start using Twitter.  They’re not sure how to “act” or “behave”.  Some people reflect their true thoughts and feelings, others put on a show.  Some choose to follow the rich and famous while others choose to follow friends, collegues and family members.  The beautiful thing is Twitter can enrich anyone’s life and you have the direct ability to create your own experience in Twitter.

What is one thing you’re going to change about how you use Twitter?

What do you want to see me tweet about?  I setup a poll last week to let people vote so let me know what you want to see more of!

Entrepreneur Workflow: Communicating With New Business Clients

Last night I presented to a group of entrepreneurs participating in 100 Urban Entrepreneurs and it turned out to be an amazing session!  I shared how I entered the field of technology and what helped to me to decide I wanted to an entrepreneur.  I stepped the group through my discoveries of what worked and the obstacles I encountered.  Finally I recommended three essential web apps that were instrumental in helping me grow and manage my business.

Here’s my presentation which I created in SlideRocket (love this tool!)


A Business Built On Communication

My key points were:

  • Communication can make or break your business
  • Make it easy to do business with you
  • Your goal as a business owner is to make the customer feel at ease
  • Make sure what you deliver matches the customer’s expectations
  • Be available pre and post sales
  • Focus on making the ordering process easy for your customers
  • Billing should be straightforward and clear
  • Your customers are your biggest marketing tool
  • Use WordPress to build your business website Continue reading

Viral Video Laughs: Why We Share Honey Badger and Baby Monkey

What makes us share a funny video, forward an email or tell a story to a friend about something we read?

A shift in perception and awareness according to Epipheo, a company that creates video content for companies.

A we gathered around computer monitors tonight discussing if WordPress could be used for the websites my roommates Alex and Tyler were thinking about, each shared a funny video from YouTube that made them laugh.  The tangent developed from me pointing out the “Ninja Say What?!” video I posted to my blog.

Have you seen these viral YouTube videos?

After watching these quirky, cute and slightly disturbing videos, I asked Tyler what him share the video. What feelings came to mind?  Happiness, smiles and laughter.

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Baby Monkey Backwards On A Pig

What motivates us to share videos with each other?

We share things that bring us joy and allow us to change the direction of our awareness towards a more pleasant feeling. YouTube isn’t the #2 search engine by accident; it’s a breeding ground for happiness, discovery and new states of awareness.  We can escape from the daily grind of work for a good laugh, learn how to fix something that’s been broken and see how others feel about things in their world.  YouTube allows us to be part of the experience by uploading our own videos, sharing our discoveries with friends, commenting, rating, creating playlists, sending out personal messages and even adding annotations to a video!  It all makes us feel like an active participant vs a passive viewer which I think gives us a level of satisfaction akin to playing football vs watching it from one’s couch. Continue reading