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5 Things I Want To See At CES 2013

I’m at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, for the first time this week and decided to make a quick video and share what solutions I’m looking for in the world of computer gadgets:

  1. Awesome Android phone that beats the iPhone
  2. Portable video recorder with microphone input and wireless upload
  3. External hard drive for video editing and backups
  4. Thunderbolt to HDMI solution for sending Macbook air signal to LCD televisions
  5. Power charging for multiple devices

If you’re at the event, reach out on Twitter (@adriarichards) and say hello!  I also posted on my work blog about the show too.

marissa mayer ed lee is 2 legit 2 quit

Marissa Mayer Dances For Ed Lee Mc Hammer Video

Bet you didn’t know Marissa Mayer can dance as seen here in this YouTube video for San Francisco Mayer Ed Lee’s reelection campaign.

(Watch Marissa 00:01:46 seconds into the video)

With the big announcement of Marissa Mayer not only leaving Google for Yahoo but also that she is expecting a baby, the media is dishing up any and all sorts of stories about her.

In fact Marissa’s news is overshadowing Microsoft’s fairly big announcement of a new version of Microsoft Office 2013.

I mean, can you blame these companies when Mashable reported that it’s biggest traffic day ever was the day after Osama Bin Laden was assassinated?

Interesting coincidence in my world caused me to share this video – I met with Drew Glover today who is the Director of business development for Portal A. We had coffee this morning as he reached out last week while going over the list of attendees to the event Portal A held last year in SF. In case you haven’t heard of them, Portal A is an up and coming video production company responsible for creative, clever videos. The growing list of well known brands include Google’s YouTube when they did the Top 10 Rewind with Rebecca Black and a parody on Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” for Jawbone Jambox.

In fact, Portal A just released this yesterday for Sean Parker’s (founder of Napster) new video chat startup Airtime:

You’ll notice that MC Hammer and Ronnie Lott both make an appearance in the Airtime video as well as Ed Lee’s.

When I attended the Portal A event last year here in San Francisco, it featured a panel of experts including video production, content publishers owners and advertising professionals. The panel provided important insight into how publishers reach out to content creators like myself (Have you checked out my YouTube channel lately?) and there was a lot of discussion about messaging, viral videos and partnerships. At the event I also had the chance to meet Peter from Pantless Knights who also make videos like New Dork, a parody on Jay Z and Alicia Key’s “New York” single. So I was pretty excited when Portal A reached out to connect. Especially now that I’ve had successful video projects this year with Dell, Samsung and CDW plus I’m working for an awesome tech startup.

I told Drew that I’m fully behind video as the future of communication and education. There is something about seeing and hearing people that takes authentic connections to a whole new level. I see this everyday with people who leave comments on my YouTube videos and the emails I get about my videos on technology, moving to san francisco and lifestyle choices.

My friend Cat (@catpoetry who now works for Adobe as a social media strategist) saw me tweet and reminded me that Marissa Mayer was in the video although her cameo is very short…about 3 seconds:

Before the founders of Portal A moved into video production for companies, the founders began posting to YouTube back in 2006 with parodies like, “Ghost Ride The Volvo

Final question – Do videos like this work?

Ed Lee was re-elected as San Francisco’s mayor last year.

Women 2.0 Startup Weekend Starts Friday! #w2sw

This weekend in San Francisco, Startup Weekend, an amazing event founded to help good technology ideas get traction, is being hosted by Women 2.0!

Registered attendees will gather tonight to meet, listen to speakers, pitch their ideas and form teams.  For the next two days they will work furiously to get their ideas into working prototypes getting insight and guidance from Startup Weekend staff and mentors with the opportunity to pitch and present on Sunday for recognition, prizes and bragging rights!

Event details


Twitter hashtag: #w2sw

Date: November 18th through 20th, 2011

Where: The Hatchery, 625 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA

Registration page:

Who can attend: Everyone!  Women, men, programmers, non-programmers, business minded people, graphic designers, front end designers, business development, project managers and anyone interested in learning what it takes to team up and build a successful app! Continue reading