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General Assembly contest winner I won

I Won A Trip To Tahoe Thanks To General Assembly and Getaround! [VIDEO]

It’s nice to get a present during the holidays when you’re not expecting one and that’s what happened to me.  On my way to IKEA last Friday, I checked my work email and saw a something a bit strange, “You won the GA + Getaround giveaway!!

Several questions went through my mind including — What was this?  What did I win? Was this legit?

As I read the email from Paul Gleger, New Markets Producer at General Assembly, I realized this was on the level and I had won an all expense paid trip to Tahoe for New Year’s Eve!  … Continue Reading...

Mega Startup Weekend

Everyone Has A Voice When It Comes To Tech And Sexism [VIDEO]

This blog post isn’t about the endless, circular argument on the lack of women in the tech industry.  Instead it’s a slice of my life  that I wanted.

I received an email this morning from Chris Yeh who was one of the judges for the event letting me know he’d blogged about the incident with the startup that pitched their social photo event discovery idea using women in bikinis and I was moved to share my experience.… Continue Reading...

What Motivates People To Be Peak Performers At Work? A Higher Purpose

Excellent video where Dan Pink speaks about the motivation puzzle that companies want to solve.

Why doesn’t “pay for performance” always work?

Dan’s illustrated talk unravels the what economists, sociologists and other professionals who study human motivation have learned; it takes more than money to get people to perform at peak levels.… Continue Reading...