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Forking and Dongle Jokes Don’t Belong At Tech Conferences


Photo credit: “Vivian and Daddy on the Laptop” by Qole Pejorian

Have you ever had a group of men sitting right behind you making joke that caused you to feel uncomfortable? Well, that just happened this week but instead of shrinking down in my seat, I did something about it an here’s my story…

Yesterday, I publicly called out a group of guys at the PyCon conference who were not being respectful to the community.… Continue Reading...

jump for joy

Devs, Designers And Startup Seekers: Attend The Foundry Group Job Mixer In San Francisco This Friday

Are you looking for an awesome job at a Startup or do you know someone who is?

The Foundry Group (aka Brad Feld and crew) will be holding a job mixer in San Francisco this Friday night for companies in their portfolio to find new talent!

Nine companies in the investor’s portfolio will be there (including SendGrid who I work for) and we’re looking for everything from developers to designers, product and sales plus people who are passionately interested in working at fantastic startups!  … Continue Reading...

my first week at sendgrid

An Average Day In the Life Of A Developer Evangelist

So I’m now in my third week at SendGrid.  Loving it and wrote a guest blog post on SendGrid’s blog about my first week there  as a developer evangelist.  In addition to learning the landscape of the product API, I’m researching and networking with our partners and customers.  Turns out I know at least 10 customers in my immediate network.  Score!

Let’s take a look at what an average day is turning into for me:


I responded to and initiated emails, finished a blog post,  reviewed documentation for the parse API, corresponded about co-working spaces and confirmed my events for the evening.  … Continue Reading...