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WordPress 3.0 Now Available! Check Out The Improvements

The long awaited version of WordPress that integrates WPMU for multiple sites as well as an improve dashboard with thousands of bug fixes has arrived! Check out the full blog post over at the WordPress blog and watch the video for highlights. I will be offering a WordPress 3.0 training so make sure to sign up for the Freshworkshops newsletter!

WordPress 3.0 Improved Features

Multi Site Support – Now a single code base supports both single blogs and multiple blogs. I first tried out WPMU in 2008 to easily manage my client’s blogs in one spot.

Following Richard’s instructions for WordPress Mu with Domain Mapping, I was able to get it setup in a weekend where I had different domain names connected to the same WPMU install but dishing out different sites for each! I was stoked! I documented my steps in Google Sites along with all the plugins I was using and began setting up “business blogs” for clients. Over time, WPMU fell behind in development where new features were months behind the single WordPress version.  I broke my clients out of WPMU into individual blogs.  One of the big benefits of WPMU for multiple domains is I only had the update WordPress and the plugins in one place.  When WordPress introduced automatic mass plugin updates in 2.9, it made WordPress site management so much easier!  Now, you can enjoy the 7 years of WordPress development on one blog or on 4,000 as they roll out!

Update: Andrea_r points out in the comments that multiple domains can now be controlled by a plugin.  w00t!

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Redirecting WordPress Pages to External Sites

Update: I offer WordPress training!  Check out my complete step-by-step training at

When I started up this blog, I got started with some great tips from my Life Coach on blogging. One thing he said was to create links between my business site and my blog so I went about finding the best way to redirect page links to external websites.

Platform: WordPress 2.6.3 (updated version) in WPMU

Page Links To


This is the best one I’ve found because it’s easy to forward pages or posts. You simply scroll to the bottom and insert the url you would like it to forward to. Done!

Page Links To allows you to point WordPress pages or posts to a URL of your choosing. Good for setting up navigational links to non-WP sections of your site or to off-site resources. By Mark Jaquith.


  • Fast redirection
  • Mouseover reflects redirected link
  • Works with Sharethis
  • Built-in to WordPress Post under “Advanced Options”

Screenshot of Page Links To In Action

It creates a new field under “Advanced Options” at the bottom of the posting area and you simply enter in the page it should redirect to.

Page Links To

Page Links To


I tried this one based on a post I found about WordPress redirection at 19 Labs

Plugin to easliy redirect to another page with javascript By Paul Bain.


  • Slow redirect
  • Have to remember the code syntax to insert into each post [redirect 5]


This is the first one I used a few months ago from this blog by Dave Stewart in the UK template-redirect.php at It worked great until I started using Sharethis to make it easy for people to share my blog content. I did post to the Sharethis forum and to support about the problem – See redirect page template broke


  • Built-in to WordPress Post options as a template option


  • Have to remember the formatting syntax to insert into each post (Update from plugin author: No syntax required. oops, sorry about that Dave) 

  • Doesn’t work out of the box with every theme

Page Redirect