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WordPress 3.0 Now Available! Check Out The Improvements

The long awaited version of WordPress that integrates WPMU for multiple sites as well as an improve dashboard with thousands of bug fixes has arrived! Check out the full blog post over at the WordPress blog and watch the video for highlights. I will be offering a WordPress 3.0 training so make sure to sign up for the Freshworkshops newsletter!

WordPress 3.0 Improved Features

Multi Site Support – Now a single code base supports both single blogs and multiple blogs.… Continue Reading...

Redirecting WordPress Pages to External Sites

Update: I offer WordPress training!  Check out my complete step-by-step training at

When I started up this blog, I got started with some great tips from my Life Coach on blogging. One thing he said was to create links between my business site and my blog so I went about finding the best way to redirect page links to external websites.

Platform: WordPress 2.6.3 (updated version) in WPMU

Page Links To


This is the best one I’ve found because it’s easy to forward pages or posts.… Continue Reading...