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WordPress Security: How To Fix Your Hacked WordPress Site – East Bay WordPress Meetup

Yesterday I presented to the Security Revisited event put on by the East Bay WordPress Meetup group on how to get your WordPress website back on it’s feet after it’s been hacked or infected with malware.

Last year I helped Patrice who runs recover from a seriously nasty malware hack to her blog after Google told her she had been blacklisted.  It was frustrating for Patrice, her fans and advertisers but I got the site cleaned up and hack free.  Back in June I saw there was a call for WordPress security topics so I jumped in and said I’d share my experience as a case study for the group.

I covered:

  • How to tell if your WordPress site was hacked
  • Why people hack WordPress sites (popularity, infect other computers, steal data)
  • First steps to start investigating the problem
  • How to backup your WordPress files and database
  • How to scan your WordPress files for infection using Avira
  • How to scan your WordPress site using Sucuri
  • Tools and plugins to use to monitor your site for changes
  • How I recovered the site of a popular blogger using this system
  • and much more!

Here’s the presentation from the meetup:

People asked several questions during the presentation and I’m listing the resources I mentioned here as well as the recorded WordPress training at Udemy I’m teaching and the San Francisco WordPress workshop in February at Parisoma:

What hosting company do you recommend and why?

Rochenhost (affiliate link) – They do backups twice a day, respond to support tickets in 8 – 14 minutes, have Red Hat certified technicians and proactively monitor their shared hosting servers.  Fast, responsive and solid.

What WordPress theme provider do you recommend and why?

Woothemes (affiliate link) – They keep all their themes up to date on a regular basis, they have great support and and active community of users, their framework supports patching security issues in their themes and they have a wide variety of flexible themes to fit nearly any WordPress site

What are the security / protection plugins you named?

What was the link to the blog post you did last year on hacked WordPress sites?

Where can I read more about the TimThumb vulnerability?

Where can I get WordPress training online?

You can head over to Udemy which is now hosting my Build Your Own WordPress Website training for just $29.  You get 8 hours of solid, step-by-step training on how to set up your very own WordPress website.  Remember, the best part about using WordPress is that it is SEO optimized out of the box!

I just received a really nice quote from a previous client I setup on WordPress in 2008 because I asked him to share his story with a new prospective client who is still riding the fence on WordPress:

“I know that WordPress has been the best thing.  Many changes I do myself which keeps the site fresh. It also keeps me interested in routinely updating since I instantly see the changes.”

Joseph L. Rapacki, Rapacki & Co Accounting (yes, that’s a WordPress site)

Where can I get WordPress training in person?

Glad you asked!  I’m teaching a four week WordPress workshop in San Francisco this February at Parisoma called, Becoming A WordPress Master, and it’s going to cover all the essentials of WordPress.  Great for people just getting started with WordPress as well as people who want to better understand how to leverage SEO, themes and plugins.  We’ll cover new features in WordPress 3.3 like the HTML 5 drag and drop image upload option.

The cost is $120 for all four sessions and you can register here.

  • WordPress Setup 101: Wed, Feb 1
  • WordPress Tour: Wed, Feb 8
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins: Wed, Feb 15
  • WordPress Content Strategy and SEO: Wed, Feb 22

Thank you to Sallie Goetsch for asking me to speak at the meetup event and thank you to Anca of Techliminal for hosting the meetup!  It was great to meet everyone and hear people’s questions about WordPress security!

WordPress Training Online – September 2011 Workshop

Build Your Own WordPress Website

Learn how to setup and install your own website and blogging platform with WordPress!  You will go through, step-by-step, how to register your domain name, setup hosting space and configure WordPress.  Install plugins to extend the power of you site!

Learn WordPress in a live, group setting and get help immediately!

Chapas WordPress
Creative Commons License photo credit: {El Gris}

With so many new changes this year to WordPress and Wordcamp San Francisco right around the corner, it’s time to hold another workshop for the always popular, Build Your Own WordPress Website workshop!

Note: Coupon codes for BlogHer, Evoconf and Blogging While Brown attendees below!

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5 Reasons To Switch Your WordPress Blog Comment System

Comments are what make a blog…well, a blog! Without comments, a blog post would simply be a page on a website and a one way interaction but comments allow readers to share their experiences, advice and feedback directly on the posts making for a rich and interactive experience online.

WordPress, arguablly the most popular blogging system out there compared to Blogger, Moveable Type, TypePad, and others, has comments built-into the software. There are also third party commenting systems like Disqus, Intense Debate or LiveFyre.

Which one is the best?  Which is right for your blog, your visitors and your blogging goals?

Today I’ll take you though five essential points to consider before you make the switch.

On Twitter, I mentioned that I’ve switched my blog commenting system over to LiveFyre from Disqus on my WordPress blog.  

Switched to a new WordPress blog comment system based on a chat with @wpbeginner at @blogworld NYC party http://livefyre.comTue Jun 07 20:37:03 via CoTweet

Later on, my friend @matthewdlyons asked me if it was better to look at LiveFyre instead of the new WordPress commenting system announced today:

@adriarichards Hi! Any thoughts on this versus, say, Disqus? RT @photomatt: Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook: Jun 07 21:09:27 via Seesmic Web

This all started when I had a chat with Syed, the founder of WPBeginner (an insanely popular site on learning WordPress) and he was sharing why he thought LiveFyre was amazing.

See, I’ve been using Disqus for the past 2 years or so but lately, after switching my blog theme to this new one I noticed my Disqus comment box was all skewed up. Time to look to greener pastures.

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