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Flickr To Blog: This Photo Needs a WordPress Author Account or Higher

If you’re using the feature in Flickr to post images to your blog, make sure the account you use to authorize “author level” or higher. I do this so I don’t give my primary blog account to every Tom, Dick and Harry service wanting to “extend” my blog through their services.

Also, make sure you’re using the Flickr Blog This to Draft script so your new blog post doesn’t get immediately posted but instead, goes to your draft folder so you can finish adding content and formatting it.… Continue Reading...

Redirecting WordPress Pages to External Sites

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When I started up this blog, I got started with some great tips from my Life Coach on blogging. One thing he said was to create links between my business site and my blog so I went about finding the best way to redirect page links to external websites.

Platform: WordPress 2.6.3 (updated version) in WPMU

Page Links To


This is the best one I’ve found because it’s easy to forward pages or posts.… Continue Reading...